Principles of Fair Consideration

Principles of Fair Consideration of Hiring of Designated Groups

The Employment Equity Council, in pursuing avenues toward continued improvement of representation of designated group members at Dalhousie University, approved that the following guidelines be recommended as a strategy to be implemented in order to reach University's employment equity goals:

  • The University is committed to making progress in increasing the representation among faculty and staff in all designated goups recognizing that progress for particular groups may vary according to the availability of qualified candidates from each group.
  • Hiring units should use their best efforts to attract qualified applicants from all designated groups.
  • Hiring units will give preference to qualified candidate(s) from designated groups unless other qualified candidate(s) are substantially better qualified for the position.
  • In the event that (a) candidates from more than one designated group are qualified for a position, and (b) some designated groups are less well-represented in the hiring unit than others, a candidate from a less well-represented group shall be given preference unless other candidate(s) are substantially better qualified for the position.

Adopted by the Employment Equity Council for recommendation to the President, Sept. 26, 2000
Accepted for implementation by President Tom Traves Nov. 24, 2000