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Dalhousie Census - Be Counted

Dalhousie is strengthened in our diversity, in being a respectful and inclusive gathering place of ideas. We need your help.  All faculty, staff and students are encouraged to complete the Dalhousie Census. Your information will remain confidential.

The Dalhousie Census is part of the University’s Strategic Initiative on diversity and inclusiveness. The census of the university population is vital for Dalhousie to make informed decisions on policy and planning and develop programs and initiatives where everyone feels welcome and supported.

2018 Census Report Memorandum [129KB]

2018 Dalhousie Census Report [297 KB]

Complete the Staff & Faculty Census OR Student Census today!

How to complete the Dalhousie Census:

1.  Go to
2.  Log in using your NetID and Password
3.  Select the "Personal Information" tab
4.  Employees: Select the last option "Dalhousie Census Be Counted" 
     Students: Select "Answer a Survey" then select "Be Counted Census for Students"

Please note: If you are a student employee, you are encouraged to complete only the student Census!