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Human Rights and Equity Services is pleased to offer some of our diversity and inclusion related workshops to the Dalhousie community. These open sessions will create opportunities for discussion, growth and community engagement.

(Sessions offered in the Winter Term will be announced in early January 2018. Please check back for event availability and registration.)

The Elephant in the Room: Diversity and Inclusion Conversation Series, Level 1
A conversation series, designed and facilitated by HRES, to engage students and staff in a dialogue around the topic of diversity and inclusion. The series, consisting of three, 2-3-hour sessions, is an interactive and thoughtful opportunity to share insights, ask questions, and hear both different and similar perspectives on important– and occasionally uncomfortable – topics around diversity and inclusion, our understanding of it and how it applies to our professional communities.
For StudentsThursday, October 19; 10:00 – 11:45am. Killam Library, room 2622.
Registration: Please email HRES@dal.ca with your name and banner number.
For Staff: Thursday, October 26; 10:00 - 11:45am. Killam Library, room 2622.
Registration: https://register-eod.dal.ca/workshop.php?id=2337

Bringing in the Bystander
Being a prosocial Bystander is an important part of creating safe communities. Adapted from the University of New Hampshire for a Dalhousie audience, the Bringing in the Bystander workshop will allow participants to gain a deeper understanding the concept of bystander intervention, an individual’s role in bystander intervention, how to identify a spectrum of sexual violence, explore barriers to bystander intervention and techniques to overcoming those barriers.
For Students: November 28; 1:30am – 2:45pm. Killam Library, room 2622.
Registration: Please email HRES@dal.ca with your name and banner number.

Ally is Not a Noun
Ally is a Noun is an engaging 90-minute workshop, designed and facilitated by HRES, which uses video, scenarios, along with other resources, to support individuals in gaining practical skills which will move them from general awareness of Allyship towards active Allyship.
For Students, Staff and Faculty: December 7; 12:00– 1:30pm. Killam Library, room 2622.
Registration: https://register-eod.dal.ca/workshop.php?id=2338

Space is limited; register now to confirm your spot.

Please note: you may require your manager’s approval to attend a session.

The Peer Educators

The Peer Educators (formerly Respect Reps) are a vibrant peer education support team that responds to the needs of students and promotes a culture of respect and a healthy university experience!
The Peer Educators undergo extensive training and are supervised by the Education Advisor in the HRES Office. They are committed to building a culture of respect in Dalhousie community. Our diverse Team includes students from 1st to 4th year, represent various academic programs, and cultural backgrounds.

What The Peer Educators Do
The Peer Educators develop and deliver workshops/training sessions for different groups on topics related to Consent, Sexual Violence, Respect, Inclusion, Anti-Discrimination and harassment. These peer educators market the services of HRES to the campus community and aid in developing new approaches and strategies to educate the Dalhousie community about diversity.
We engage and encourage students in building a safe and respectful campus community for all. The Peer Educators also facilitate workshops for different groups on topics related to Consent, Sexual Violence, Respect, Inclusion, Anti-Discrimination and Harassment. They participate in events, meet new people and offer referrals to other services available on campus and in town.