Teaching Practice Reflections

You are welcome to take your reflections in any direction that you believe to be appropriate and useful to your own development as a teacher. The questions that follow should be used simply as a prompt to stimulate your reflections on your professional development and practice teaching experiences.

Reflection on teaching: Learning to reflect on the complexities of teaching practice—planning, implementing and self-evaluating—are integral to the professional development of teaching. A written plan and subsequent self-evaluation will be required for a minimum of 3 class periods.  

Some questions you might consider:

  1. What learning goals did I have (for myself and the students) during my practice teaching?
  2. What aspects of my teaching plan succeeded and why?
  3. What aspects of my teaching plan would I change in future?
  4. How did students respond to my various teaching strategies/approaches?
  5. Given the students’ response to my teaching strategies/approaches, what would I change in the future and what aspects of my plan/approaches would I retain?
  6. What did I do to ensure that I felt confident and comfortable in the class?
  7. What could you do next time to ensure that I felt confident and comfortable?
  8. What were my responses to the peer/faculty feedback I received?
  9. What did I learn about myself as a teacher through this teaching practice experience?