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Change One Thing Challenge

Call closed February 6, 2017

The Change One Thing Challenge is an open invitation to the university teaching community to submit a description of a student engagement activity that has been developed as part of their current teaching practice, and that they believe has a positive impact on student learning.


An engagement activity that you developed within the last 24 months and that is still part of your current teaching practice.


Describe a student engagement activity that has a positive impact on student learning in one of your courses. You may also provide evidence through student testimonies (not required).

Examples of Activities

  • Collaborative assignments and projects
  • Undergraduate research experiences
  • Service learning
  • Community-based learning
  • Capstone courses and projects
  • Experiential learning
  • Using technology to enhance student engagement
  • Anything that works!

Benefits for the Winner

  1. One winner, as determined by a review panel, will receive a Change One Thing Challenge Grant for up to $1000 to support travel to a teaching and learning conference.

Your Submission Must Include

  • Why you developed your activity
  • A clear goal for the activity
  • The impact on student learning
  • Include a short literature review on the topic
  • Less than 2000 words
  • Title, name, department, contact information
  • Short 75 word biography
  • Short 150 word abstract

Criteria for Winner Selection

  • Rationalization for the activity within your teaching context
  • Clear connections between student engagement and learning

Submission Procedures

  • Submission is now closed.
If you do not receive a confirmation of receipt within a week of submission, please contact Michelle Soucy at clt@dal.ca or 902-494-6641.

For more information please contact

Suzanne Le-May Sheffield, Ph.D.
Centre for Learning and Teaching
Tel: (902) 494-1894 | Email: Suzanne.Sheffield@Dal.Ca