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Culture of Respect

Every person at Dalhousie has a right to be respected and safe. We believe inclusiveness is fundamental to education. We stand for equality.

Dalhousie is strengthened in our diversity. We are a respectful and inclusive community. We are committed to being a place where everyone feels welcome and supported, which is why our Strategic Direction prioritizes fostering a culture of diversity and inclusiveness (Strategic Priority 5.2).

Introduction of Diversity & Inclusiveness Strategy

As we approach 2018 and the completion of a significant body of work in support of the university’s Strategic Priority 5.2, focusing on Diversity and Inclusiveness, we are excited to introduce a Diversity & Inclusiveness Strategy to the Dalhousie community.

Developing an ongoing Diversity & Inclusiveness Strategy was one of the primary goals of Strategic Initiative 5.2. The purpose of the strategy is twofold. First, it grounds our work regarding diversity and inclusiveness in a researched framework to ensure that the activities that we are prioritizing are purposeful, balanced and measurable. Second, it helps us to ensure our commitment to diversity and inclusiveness is long-term and embedded in our core business going forward.

In the short term, it will streamline, prioritize and track the progress of the recommendations that have arisen under the university’s Strategic Priority 5.2. Longer term, the Strategy will continue to inform how we identify and fulfill new goals going forward.

View the Diversity & Inclusiveness Strategy

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