Bissett Student Success Centre (BSSC)

Academic Advising and Career Services

New to campus and need help picking classes?  Have questions about a potential major or career?  Want to make a plan but not sure where to start?

The Bissett Student Success Centre provides academic advising to 1st and 2nd-year Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Faculty of Science, and 1st-year Engineering students. Career advising, career counselling, and career services are available to all Dalhousie students.

Students can call 902-494-3077 or toll free 1-866-359-4709 Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m., to ask about scheduling an appointment (wait times will vary).

Bookings for 30 minute, online or in-person appointments, can be made by calling our office at 902-494-3077 or 1-866-359-4709 or directly by booking online.

Same-Day calls:
During the term we offer a limited number of same day calls for urgent matters or quick questions.  To speak with an advisor, please call 902-494-3077 or 1-866-359-4709, be ready with your B00#, and we will add you to our call-list for an advisor to call you back the same day.    


The Bissett Student Success Centre is your source for both academic and career advising support and information. Our team does more than support you with your academic planning—they can help you reach your educational, career, and life goals. Make an appointment with one of our Student Success Advisors, peer advisors, career counsellors, study coaches or tutors. 

Register for Courses

Find all the information you need about choosing your courses, creating your schedule, transfer courses, changing courses, wait lists, and more.


Our Student Success Advisors provide academic and career advising to current Dalhousie and King's students. We coach, support and guide you to meet your goals.

Study Support & Tutoring

The Studying for Success program offers personal coaching/tutoring and free group workshops to help enhance your study skills and academic potential.

Career Support

Whether you're looking to earn some extra money or opportunities to prepare you for your future career, we can assist you with resources, advice and support.

On Track

On Track is a suite of programs to assist your transition to Dal and beyond. On Track will help you make the most of your university experiences by helping you identify and develop your strengths. 

Workshops & Events

From study skills and time management workshops, to mock interview and resume-writing sessions, you'll gain strategies and skills to help you reach your academic potential.