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Your opportunity to develop practical skills

Dalhousie offers interactive workshops that help you develop practical skills that help you become a stronger leader in the classroom, the community, your future career, and in everyday life. 

Workshops are open to all Dalhousie and full-time King's students, and are generally offered through the DalConnects Program. We recommend completing the full program, but you're welcome to attend individual workshops on their own. 

Examples of workshops: 

  • Introverted vs. extroverted leadership
  • Your career journey
  • Cross-cultural considerations
  • Changing the mental health stigma
  • Organizing sustainable and inclusive events
  • Self-advocacy for students


  • Visit MyCareer (mycareer.dal.ca
  • Click "login" 
  • Click "student" 
  • Enter your NetID and password
  • Click "register for an event" (in blue)
  • Click "MyCareer events calendar" 
  • Click the event or workshop you're interested in
  • Click "register for this event" (in blue)