Credit Point information

Student Guide to the Use of the Subject Pool

At the discretion of individual instructors, students in a number of undergraduate (occasionally graduate) classes are invited to participate in ongoing experiments within the department. Naturally, this provides researchers with a convenient pool of potential participants, but it also serves to help students (i.e., you) understand the breadth of methodologies used in psychological research and to provide potential future researchers (i.e., you) with some experience as a research participant (to be a good researcher, one needs to understand the experience of being a participant).

As a student intending to get credit points you can use the Experimental Participation System to:
1) browse the available experiments and sign up for experiments
2) cancel previous appointments with at least 24 hours notice
3) review your credit point status

SONA has a free app for your smartphone.  Just search for "Sona Mobile" in iTunes or the Google Play store.

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