Setting up a SONA account

When you first log in, you  will be asked for your Name (first and last), your USER ID, and your BANNER NUMBER and your class.


Your BANNER NUMBER is critical. It will be used to add points to your final grade. Be careful when entering your BANNER NUMBER. If you make an error your credit points will go to another student. You must also identify the class that you are in.. If you do not, your credit point information will be sent to the wrong instructor (causing delays).

You can select two or more classes simultaneously using the CONTROL key (or the SHIFT key) if you happen to be in two classes that both offer credit points.  During the term, you can switch your points between classes, but each point can only belong to one class.

Your password will be sent to your DALHOUSIE EMAIL address, as will any other information about experiments that you have signed up for. Once you get your password you will be able to sign up for experiments.  You may change your password when you first log on.

Thereafter, to use the system, log on and browse the listed experiments. If an experiment interests you, check to see if it has available time slots. Appointments must be booked at least 24 hours in advance (individual researchers may change this). Both you and the researcher will be sent reminder emails of your appointment time.