Using SONA properly

THE SELECTED APPOINTMENT IS BINDING: If you should need to cancel an appointment, you can do so with at least 24 hours notice (some researchers will require even more notice, so check the listing). If you cancel, the researcher will be sent an email.

NO-SHOWS: If you fail to show up (e.g., did not cancel with sufficient warning), then you are recorded as a "No-Show". If you "consistently" fail to show up, you will be locked out of the system. You will need to speak to the system administer to get back in.

LATE CANCELLATIONS: If you need to cancel an appointment on short notice, contact the researcher directly using the provided phone number (if provided), or an email (emails are not as direct, as fast, or as certain as a phone call). 

WHERE TO GO FOR APPOINTMENTS: Most studies will also cite a "location". This is the place to meet the researcher. Most often, it will be the third floor lounge of the psychology wing of the LSC, near the elevators (two floors below the PSYO 1011 tutorial room).

CREDIT POINTS: Credit points are *automatically* awarded 48 hours after the scheduled time of the appointment. If you fail to show up (fail to cancel), the researcher will manually record you as a no-show. 

DO NOT DOUBLE-BOOK. Provide some time between appointments.

DO NOT OVER BOOK. You can only get a certain number of credit points. You can participate as often as you like, but you will get the stated maximum for your course. Classes may have limits ranging from 1 to 4 points (2 or 3 is fairly common). 

RESTRICTIONS: Some studies will also cite "restrictions" (e.g., right handed). Please be sure that the restrictions do not exclude you from participating. Some restrictions refer to other listed studies (e.g., completing two studies in the same lab). 

PROBLEMS: Please contact the system administrator if there are problems. Note that the request will be handled as quickly as possible, but patience is also a virtue -- everyone has many jobs to do. Do not panic. Most problems can be solved.