Centres & Labs

Our psychology and neuroscience faculty members conduct research in laboratories, alongside doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows, and undergraduate research assistants. 

From visual development to sexual health, lab-based research allows faculty to connect with Dalhousie students and outside community members to better their knowledge in their field.  

Undergraduates looking to participate in research studies for class credit or other payment can access the list of available studies through SONA. 

Labs Principal Investigator Contact information
Language and Literacy Lab Helene Deacon 902-494-3229
Invertebrate Behavioural Physiology Lab Shelley Adamo 902-494-8853
Neural Mechanisms of Social Impairments
Tamara Franklin
The Franklin Laboratory  (@LabFranklin)
Behavioural Genetics Lab Richard Brown 902-494-2036
Centre for Pediatric Pain Research Christine Chambers 902-470-8877
Learning, Attention, Behaviour and Sleep Lab Penny Corkum 902-494-5177
Canine Behaviour Laboratory Simon Gadbois 902-494-8848
Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory Ray Klein
Transdiagnostic Addition Lab
Igor Yakovenko
Neurocognitive Imaging Laboratory Aaron Newman 902-494-1911
Couples and Sexual Health Laboratory
Natalie Rosen 902-494-4223
Personality Research Team Simon Sherry 902-494-7719
Addictions and Mental Health Sherry Stewart 902-494-3793
Forensic Psychology & Personality Lab
Julie Blais
Songbird Neurobiology Lab Leslie Phillmore 902-494-2794
Savvy Statistics Sean Mackinnon
Cognition & Language Learning Research
Drew Weatherhead