Ian Weaver

Associate Professor


Email: Ian.Weaver@dal.ca
Phone: (902) 494-1133
Fax: (902) 494-6585
Mailing Address: 
Dalhousie University, Life Sciences Centre, 1355 Oxford Street, PO Box 15000, Halifax, NS B3H 4R2
Research Topics:
  • Brain and behaviour development and degeneration
  • Cancer stem cells and therapy resistance
  • Immuno-metabolism, DNA repair and cell growth signalling
  • Molecular (epi)genetic mechanisms of gene regulation
  • Pharmacological and psycho-social interventions
  • Biomarker discovery


BSc (Aberdeen)
MSc (Bristol)
PhD (McGill)

Interested in Joining Us?

WE ARE LOOKING FOR QUALIFIED GRADUATE STUDENTS AND POST-DOCTORAL FELLOWS. If you are interested in joining our research group, please send the following information to ian.weaver@dal.ca: 1. Your complete CV, 2. Research statement stating how your training matches our research goals and why you would like to join our team.

Applying for a Certificate in Genetics?

As a Certificate in Genetics Coordinator, I provide approval of the research component for applicants in the Psychology & Neuroscience Department and the Medical Sciences program. Please send your one-page honours research proposal to ian.weaver@dal.ca for review.

Research Interests

Our multi-disciplinary research program focuses on molecular, metabolic, and immunological aspects of cellular and behavioural neuroscience, with a special focus on mechanisms of gene regulation. Current projects explore the potential role of chromatin remodeling genes, DNA methylation and DNA repair mechanisms in social, emotional and cognitive development. Additionally, our lab examines altered metabolism and gene regulatory networks in cancer and neurodegenerative disease.

Our research employs several state-of-the-art molecular, cellular, and behavioural assays to provide a complete picture of how experiences propagate from external to internal variables, and the role chromatin structure and remodelling genes play in neurobehavioural development.

Through cross-appointments with the Departments of Pathology and Psychiatry, and as a member of the Brain Repair Centre (www.brainrepair.ca) and the Atlantic Canada Chapter Chair for the Canadian Developmental Origins of Health and Disease Network (www.dohad.ca), my research group is well positioned to advance (epi)genetic profiling and integrative analysis of gene expression and regulation across a variety of animal and human tissues. We have also formed research partnerships with Canadian biotechnology and pharmaceuticals industry to further biomedical applications.

Selected Publications

  • Korgan A, Foxx CL, Hashmib H, Sagob SA, Stamper CE, Heinze JD, O‚ÄôLeary E, King JL, Perrot TS, Lowery CA and WEAVER ICG. 2022. Effects of paternal high-fat diet and maternal rearing environment on the gut microbiota and behavior. Scientific Reports. Jun 17;12(1):10179.
  • Fertan E, Purdon M, Wong AA, WEAVER ICG and Brown RE. 2021. The Effect of Background Strain on the Behavioural and Neurochemical Phenotype of the MDGA2+/- Mouse Model of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Genes, Brain and Behavior. Mar;20(3):1-18.
  • Dahn ML, Cruickshank BM, Jackson AJ, Dean C, Holloway RW, Hall SR, Coyle KM, Maillet H, Waisman DM, Goralski KB, Giacomantonio CA, WEAVER ICG and Marcato P. 2020. Decitabine response in breast cancer requires efficient drug processing and is not limited by multidrug resistance. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. May 4;19(5):1110-1122.
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  • Fertan E, Rodrigues GJ, Wheeler RV, Goguen D, Wong AA, James H, Stadnyk A, Brown RE and WEAVER ICG. 2019. Cognitive decline, cerebral-spleen tryptophan metabolism, oxidative stress, cytokine production, and regulation of the txnip gene in a triple transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer disease. American Journal of Pathology. Jul;189(7):1435-1450.
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  • Bydoun M, Sterea A, WEAVER ICG, Bharadwaj AD and Waisman DM. 2018. A novel mechanism of plasminogen activation in epithelial and mesenchymal cells. Scientific Reports. Sep 20;8(1):14091.
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