Clinical Associates

While clinical associates are eligible primarily for supervision of clinical practica, these positions are NOT eligible for primary dissertation supervision. Reviews of applications for clinical associate appointments will be scheduled twice yearly, in the spring and in the fall. Please contact for application materials.

Current Clinical Associates

Angelopoulos, Maria PhD
Dalhousie University

Psychology Department
QEII Health Sciences Centre
(902) 473-8342

adult mental health, psychotherapy
(interpersonal, dynamic, CBT approaches), personality, clinical supervision, adjustment to illness

Jerrott, Susan PhD 
Dalhousie University

Community Mental Health—Clinical Training Director
IWK Health Centre
(902) 864-8668

mood disorders, suicide, supervision in psychology

Aubie, Cheryl PhD
University of Windsor

Eating Disorders Clinic
QEII Health Sciences Centre
(902) 473-1560

eating disorders, body image,
emotional intelligence, group therapy

Jewer, Chimène MSc
Acadia University

Psychologist, Mental Health Services, Canadian Armed Forces

clinical psychology, assessment, counselling/psychotherapy, depression, anxiety, adjustment issues, workplace stress, trauma, personality, cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical-behaviour therapy (DBT) skills training, mindfulness

Balch, Marcie, PhD

Psychology Professional Practice Leader, IWK Health Centre

Mood, anxiety, teen parent-child relationships, teens with BPD features (suicidal, self-harm, emotion dysregulation)

Joyce, Ann Marie PhD
Dalhousie University

Community Mental Health (Dartmouth Site)
IWK Health Centre
(902) 460-3918

clinical psychology, developmental psychopathology.  ADHD, anxiety, autism, OCD

Beattie, Tricia PhD
University of New Brunswick, Fredericton

IWK Health Centre,
Neuropsychology Service
(902) 470-6364

pediatric neuropsychological assessment, neurodevelopmental disorders (assessment and intervention)

Kayfitz, Adam PhD
University of Windsor

Private Practice
Bedfore Couple and Family Therapy

attachment based and emotion focused treatments for internalizing/externalizing child and adolescent mental health prooblems; use of Emotion Focused Family Therapy as a primary modality; use of psychodynamic, emotion focused, ACT, cognitive behavioural therapies for individual clients

Bradley, Kristina, PhD    University of Ottawa

IWK Health Centre

child and adolescent mental health, mental health promotion, prevention, iCBT, psychotherapy processes, health behaviour change, and health services research

Kelln, Brad PhD
Calgary University

East Coast Forensic Hospital
(902) 460-7325

violence risk assessment, psychological assessment, internet pornography problems, sexual offending

Carter, Sherri L. PhD
University of Windsor

Psychology Department,
Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Centre
(902) 473-1367

clinical neuropsychology, stroke, dementia/caregiver support, cognitive rehabilitation, cognitive complaints, outcome evaluation, ecological validity supervision

Kelly, Brynn PhD 
University of Southern California

Mental Health & Addictions, Community Mental Health (Dartmouth)
IWK Health Centre
(902) 460-3934

evidence-based treatments, disruptive behaviour disorders, eating disorders, trauma, peer relations

Chitty, Dorothy PhD
University of Manitoba

EIBI Clinical Leader, EIBI program
IWK Children's Heath

preschool children with autism spectrum disorder and ther families

Lefebvre, Celeste PhD 
Dalhousie University

Youth Forensic Services
IWK Health Centre
(902) 491-2444

forensic psychology, risk assessments and treatment of youth and adults who have engaged in sexual, violent or or general criminal offenses. Current research involves the development of a comprehensive database for the examination of the demographic, psychological and risk profile of Nova Scotian youth who have engaged in criminal behaviour. Past research has also involved investigating the use of event-related brain potentials (ERPs) in clinical and forensic contexts

Chorney, Daniel PhD 
West Virginia University

Chorney and Associates
(Private Practice)
(902) 444-1160

child and adolescent mental health, parent management training, cognitive-behavioural treatment of anxiety disorders, insomnia treatment

Lowe-Pearce, Crystal PhD 
Dalhousie University

Clinical Neurosciences and Rehabilitation Care
IWK Health Centre
(902) 470-8153

assessment and evaluation of children, adolescents and young adults; cognitive and learning assessments; developmental disabilities, learning disabilities and ADHD; rehabilitation; social skills and self-advocacy; functional behaviour analysis

Clark, Sharon PhD 
Dalhousie University

Mental Health and Addictions
IWK Health Centre
(902) 460-3936

mental health delivery using the Choice and Partnership Approach, mental health intervention with marginalized youth, program evaluation, attachment-based interventions including the Connect Parents Groups for caregivers of adolescent youth

MacNeil, Sheila PhD
University of New Brunswick, Fredericton

Canadian Forces Health Services Centre (Atlantic)
Mental Health Services

PTSD, sexual health, couples and sex therapy, pain management, and suicide prevention

Cohen, Jacqueline PhD 
University of New Brunswick

Advanced Practice Lead
Mental Health and Addictions Program, Nova Scotia Health

borderline personality disorder; dialectical behaviour therapy; cognitive-behavioural therapy; post-traumatic stress disorder; obsessive-compulsive disorder; mental health of individuals from historically, persistently, or systemcially marginalized  groups; social justice advocacy; bias in psychology training

McInerney, Robert J. PhD 
University of Victoria

Dr. Robert J. McInerney & Associates Ltd.
(Private Practice)
(902) 266-8311

neuropsychological and psychoeducational assessment of children, teens, and adults.  Acquired and traumatic brain injuries, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, ADHD, learning disabilities

Connors, Angela PhD 
Simon Fraser University

Forensic Sexual Behaviour Program
Nova Scotia Hospital
(902) 464-4129

actuarial and dynamic risk assessment; analysis of illegal sexual behaviour; strength and skills-based approaches to treatment; tracking psychological defenses and readiness to change re tx motivation; therapist awareness as a variable in client change

McNeill, Bonnie PhD
Queen's University

Registered Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Daniel chornet and Associates Psychological Services (Private Practice)

child, adolescent and young mental health, OCD, anxiety disorders, cognitive-behavioural therapy, acceptance and committment therapy, personality assessment

Coolican, Jamesie PhD 
Dalhousie University

Feeding Clinic
IWK Health Centre
(902) 470-8411

assessment and treatment of children with feeding difficulties, parent training

Newcomb-Anjo, Sarah PhD
Concordia University

Psychologist (Candidate Register)
NS Operational Stress Injury Clinic, Nova Scotia Health

cognitive behavioural therapy, case conceptualization driven CBT, posttraumatic stress disorder, operational stress injuries, anxiety disorders, CBT for psychosis, trauma-focused treatment, psychodiagnostic assessment, psychotherapy supervision and training, developmental psychopathology

Corkum, Valerie PhD 
Dalhousie University

Corkum and Associates Psychological Services, Ltd.
(902) 832-0332

child clinical, developmental disorders, learning disabilities, cognitive and behavioural therapy

Patry, Brigitte PhD
University of Victoria

Psychology Department
Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Centre
(902) 473-8095

clinical neuropsychology, cognitive rehabilitation, traumatic brain injury

Day, Victor PhD
Queen's University

Marsh-Knickle and Associates

clinical psychology, cognitive-behavioural therapy, anxiety, stress, procrastination, internet self-help programs

Ply, Elaine PhD
Texas Woman’s University

Registered Psychologist

ethics, trauma, supervision, wellness/self -care

DeFreitas, Colin PhD
Simon Fraser University
Recovery and Integration department, NS Health
psychosis, personality disorders, psychotherapy (CBT, DBT, psychodynamic)
Poisson, Marie PhD 
McGill Unibversity

Private Practice

evidenced based treatment of anxiety and depression; application of mindfulness meditation to CBT treatment protocols
DeFreitas, Vanessa PhD
Simon Fraser University
Acquired Brain Injury Program, Nova Scotia Rehabilitation & Arthritis Centre
clinical neuropsychology, acquired brain injury, stroke, cognitive rehabilitation, patient and family psychoeducation  

Quon, Elizabeth PhD
Concordia University

IWK Health Centre, Dartmouth site

child and adolescent mental health, anxiety, eating disorders, sleep

Durdle, Heather PhD 
Windsor University

CHOICES Adolescent Treatment Program
IWK Health Centre
(902) 470-6314

substance use, problem gambling, smoking cessation, brief motivational interventions, group treatment
Ross, Michael PhD 
University of Saskatchewan

Private Practice

assessment and intervention for persons with PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and/or Pain related difficulties.  I am woking in a multidisciplinary rehabilitation clinic providing services  to injured workers, motor vehicle collision survivors and those preparing to return to work.
Emberly, Debbie PhD
Dalhousie University

Advanced Practice Leader, Research, Evaluation Outcomes IWK Mental Health and Addictions Program
(902) 470-3777 

Outcome and progress monitoring; health system change and evaluation; quality improvement; patient and family experience of care and outcomes

Scattolon, Yvette PhD 
University of New Brunswick, Fredericton

Eating Disorders Clinic,
QEII Health Sciences Centre
Private Practice
(902) 473-6280

eating disorders

Farquhar, Jamie C., PhD

Co-Director, Coastal Psychology

Evidence-based treatment of eating disorders and body image disturbances as well as common comorbid conditions: anxiety disorders, mood disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, personality disorders and maladaptive perfectionism

Starzomski, Andrew PhD 
University of British Columbia

Professional Practice Leader, Psychology (Mental Health)
East Coast Forensic Hospital                   
(902) 460-7402

violence risk assessment, psychological assessment, psychology in the criminal justice system, positive psychology


Fougere, Amber PhD
Monash University

Lesley Hartman & Associates Inc.

dialectical behaviour therapy for Boderline Personality Disorder; forensic risk assessment and treatment; PTSD

Sullivan, April PhD 
York University

Registered Psychologist
IWK Health Centre
(902) 491-2327

child and adolescent mental health

Freeman, Paul PhD 
Manitoba University

Community Mental Health Services-Dartmouth
Nova Scotia Hospital
(902) 466-1835

application of mindfulness, Acceptance and Committment Therapy and CBT approaches to depression and anxiety disorders, psychotherapy supervision and training

Uman, Lindsay PhD 
Dalhousie University

Clinical Psychologist
IWK Health Centre-IWK Community Mental Health & Addictions (Dartmouth Branch)-0.6 FTE and IWK Complex Pain Team-0.4 FTE 

Pediatric Pain Assessment and Management (Acute & Chronic); Mental Health (with focus/specialty in assessment/treatment of Anxiety Disorders and OCD); Reseach (with expertise in systematic reviews)

Gamberg, Susan PhD 
McGill University

Eating Disorder Program, Mental Health and Addictions Program
Nova Scotia Health Authority
(902) 473-6288

eating disorders and body image; personality disorders; multicultural competencies; psychotherapy supervision and training

Wetmore, Ann MEd 
Acadia University

Private Practice
(902) 425-5588

trauma & post-trauma responses, rural mental health care & mobile service delivery, coping in performance situations, dealing with complex medical diagnoses

Gillespie, Joanne PhD 
Western University

Pediatric Health Psychology Service
IWK Health Centre
(902) 470-8408

pediatric psychology, preparation for medical procedures, medical anxiety, coping with chronic illness, food allergy, enuresis/encopresis 

Woodworth, Rosalind PhD
University of Tasmania

Intensive Outreach Pilot- Mental Health and Addictions Program, IWK

Family-based treatment of children and adolescents with disruptive behaviour disorders; outreach services for families with complex needs; diagnostic and psychoeducational assessments; ADHD and learning challenges; program evaluation and development; peer-supervision

Howes, Janice PhD
Western Ontario University

Psychology Department
QEII Health Sciences Centre
(902) 473-8639

cancer, life-threatening illness; coping with medical illness; post-traumatic stress disorder; cognitive psychology; adjustment problems

Yazbek, Aimée PhD
University of New Brunswick (Fredericton)
Preschool Pediatric Psychology Service, IWK Health Centre
neurodevelopmental disorders, infant and preschool assessment and consultation, rehabilitation psychology

Jefferson, Steven PhD
University of New Brunswick

Psychology Department
QEII Health Sciences Centre
(902) 473-4795

treatment of insomnia