Simon Gadbois

University Teaching Fellow


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Phone: (902) 494-8848
Fax: (902) 494-6585
Mailing Address: 
Dalhousie University, Life Sciences Centre, Rm 3326, 6287 Alumni Crescent, Halifax, NS B3H 4R2
Research Topics:
  • Animal behaviour
  • Animal learning
  • Olfactory processing in Animals
  • Neuroethology of action sequences
  • Behavioural endocrinology of social behaviour and stress
  • Canids
  • Reptiles (Wood turtles and Ribbons snakes)
  • Waterfowl as a teaching model in ethology

Research Interests

I study domestic and wild canids (wolves, coyotes, and red foxes). I have studied the behavioural endocrinology and social behaviour of wolves (socioendocrinology; with John Fentress and Peter McLeod) as well as food caching action sequences in red foxes, coyotes and wolves (with John Fentress and Fred Harrington). I am currently focussed on olfactory processing in canids and the applications of canine scent processing, particularly with wildlife conservation dogs (dogs trained to search and track species at risk, particularly Nova Scotian reptiles, i.e., Northern ribbon snakes, wood turtles) and dogs used for biomedical detection, diagnosis and assistance (for diabetes and anxiety/PTSD).


BPS, MAPS (Moncton)
PhD (Dalhousie)


NESC/PSYO 2000 — Research Methods in Experimental Psychology
NESC/PSYO 2160 — Animal Behaviour
NESC/PSYO 3162 — Advanced Animal Behaviour
NESC/PSYO 4160 — Topics in Behavioural Biology
NESC/PSYO 6160 — Comparative (Animal) Psychology
NESC/PSYO 2140 — Learning and Motivation
NESC/PSYO 4140 — Topics in Animal Learning
NESC/PSYO 6240 — Topics in Animal Learning

Selected Publications

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