After Graduation

While some students know what they want to do after they graduate, others do not.  Some go directly into graduate and professional programs or into the workforce while others take time to travel the world.  Some continue on with post-graduate studies after a break from their studies.  This page provides information about careers, post-graduate education possibilities, and how to apply to post graduate programs.

Jobs & Careers

Economics prepares students for a wide variety of careers including: banking and finance; government policy making and research; political careers; management, strategy and research positions in firms and non-governmental organizations; law; school teaching and university professors; journalists; and, development aid workers.

For general career advice, please visit Job and Career Services

General job postings can be found at myCareer and some are posted on the EconMajors List.

Post Graduate Education

Professional programs include Law, Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Masters Public Administration (MPA), Canadian Securities Course (CSC) and Certified Financial Analyst (CFA).

Many students go on to graduate school in Economics and other subjects including Finance, Resource and Environmental Management, Statistics, Actuarial Science, and Urban Planning.

Preparing for Graduate schools in Economics

Students interested in graduate studies in Economics are advised to do a B.Sc. Honours or Combined Honours in Economics.  Major or Double Majors who decide late in their Undergraduate degree that they would like to pursue graduate work in economics are encouraged to take some 4000 level courses in their final year and to book an appointment with for course advice.

Applying for Post Graduate Programs:

1) Visit prospective program websites to check out academic programs and course offerings, entry requirements, professor research, and scholarship opportunities.  Once you have chosen your programs, apply according to the website instructions.

2) Select professors you would like as references and visit them in office hours and/or email to politely request a reference letter.  It is a good idea to include your resume and some details of the programs you are applying for.

Note: Some professors may have different reference letter requirements and forms in which case please follow their instructions.

Dalhousie Economics Graduate Programs:

Dalhousie has 3 economics graduate programs, a Masters in Economics (MA) and a Masters in Development Economics (MDE) and Ph.D. in Economics.  For more information, please visit Economics Graduate Programs.