Course Offerings and Syllabi

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Undergraduate Courses

Course number Course name Fall Winter         Summer 
ECON 1101
Principles of Microeconomics 1101-A 1101-B 1101
ECON 1102
Principles of Macroeconomics 1102-A 1102-B 1102
ECON 2200
Intermediate Microeconomics



ECON 2201
Intermediate Macroeconomics 2201-A 2201-B 2201
ECON 2211 Economics of Innovation N/A
2211-B N/A
ECON 2212  Law and Economics  N/A
2212-B N/A
ECON 2213 Economics Rise of China & India  2213-A 2213-B N/A
ECON 2216 The Economics of Global Warming 2216-A 2216-B N/A
ECON 2217 Women and the Economy   2217-A 2217-B N/A
ECON 2218
Canadian Economy: Policy Issues 2218-A 2218-B N/A
ECON 2219 Common Markt to European Union N/A 2219-B N/A
ECON 2231 Perspectives in Health Economics 2231-A
2231-B N/A
ECON 2233 Canadian Economic History 2233-A 2233-B N/A
ECON 2239 European Economy Since 1900 N/A 2239-B N/A
ECON 2326 Money and Banking  2326-A N/A 2326
ECON 2334 Perspectives on Economic Development  N/A
2334-B N/A
ECON 2336 Regional Development 2336-A 2336-B N/A
ECON 2400 Economic Demography N/A
2400-B N/A
ECON 2850 The Science and Economics of Climate Change N/A
N/A 2850
ECON 3111 Writing in Economics   3111-A N/A N/A
ECON 3231 Topics in Health Economics N/A N/A N/A
ECON 3310 Economic Growth in Historical Perspective N/A
3310-B N/A
ECON 3315 Labour Economics 3315-A N/A N/A
ECON 3319 Industrial Organization  N/A
ECON 3320 The Economics of Professional Sports 3320-A N/A 3320
ECON 3330 International Trade N/A
3330-B 3330
ECON 3331
International Finance 3331-A 3331-B N/A
ECON 3332 Resource Economics 3332-A 3332-B N/A
ECON 3333 Economic Development N/A
3333-B N/A
ECON 3335 Environmental Economics 


3335-B 3335
ECON 3338 Econometrics I


3338-B 3338
ECON 3339
Econometrics II N/A
3339-B N/A
ECON 3345 Public Finance 
3345-A 3345-B 3345
ECON 3349
History of Economic Thought N/A
3349-B N/A
ECON 3426 Monetary Policy N/A
3426-B N/A
ECON 3600 Strategic Behaviour in Economics N/A
3600-B N/A
ECON 3700 Mathematics for Economists 3700-A 3700-B N/A
ECON 3800 Financial Economics  3800-A N/A N/A
ECON 3900
Financial Mathematics N/A
3900-B N/A
ECON 4002  Experiential Learning (in Economics) 4002-A 4002-B N/A
ECON 4201
Honours Thesis I 4201-A N/A N/A
ECON 4202 Honours Thesis II 4202-A 4202-B N/A
ECON 4317 Poverty and Inequality 4317-A N/A N/A
ECON 4350 Social Cost Benefit Analysis N/A
ECON 4360 Ethics, Justice and Economics  N/A
4360-B N/A
ECON 4420 Microeconomic Theory 4420-A 4420-B N/A
ECON 4421  Macroeconomic Theory  4421-A 4421-B N/A
ECON 4427 Market Design  N/A
ECON 4440 Time Series in Economics  4440-A 4440-B N/A
ECON 4700 Advanced Math for Economists N/A


Graduate Courses

Course number Course name Term Course Syllabus
ECON 5000 Development Microeconomics Fall PDF - 325kb
ECON 5001 Economic Growth  Fall  PDF - 154kb
ECON 5200 Research Seminar   PDF - 164kb
ECON 5231 Health Economics   PDF - 331kb
ECON 5252 From Disaster Relief to Devl. Fall PDF - 6124kb
ECON 5253 Open Economy Macroeconomics  Summer PDF - 293kb
ECON 5254 Applied Development Economics Winter PDF - 209kb
ECON 5317 Poverty and Inequality  Fall PDF - 327kb
ECON 5330 International Trade Winter PDF - 729kb
ECON 5360 Ethics, Justice, and Economics Winter PDF - 359kb
ECON 5427 Market Design   PDF - 770kb
ECON 5440 Time Series in Economics Fall
PDF - 89kb
ECON 5500 Macroeconomics  Fall PDF - 92kb
ECON 5509  Microeconomics Fall PDF - 217kb
ECON 5516 Resource Economics   PDF - 41kb
ECON 5517 Environmental Economics Fall
ECON 5522 Lahour Economics I Winter
ECON 5525 Applied Econometrics Winter PDF - 99kb
ECON 5575  Econometrics I Fall PDF - 381kb
ECON 5576 Econometrics II Winter PDF - 758kb
ECON 6534 Advanced Econometrics Winter PDF - 259kb
ECON 6600 Advanced Macro Theory Winter  PDF - 92kb
ECON 6609 Advanced Micro Theory Winter  PDF - 46kb