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Undergraduate Programs

Economics is fundamental to understanding our society’s current challenges. As a social science, the welfare of mankind is its utmost concern. As a science, economics searches for logical conclusions from basic facts and common problems. As an economics student, you'll figure out how to use the world’s limited resources to best serve society and you'll do this using solid scientific methods that measure and analyze how people and institutions make economic choices.

Dalhousie economics graduates go on to become policy advisers, politicians, teachers, business consultants and business executives. Economics is also a good basis for further education in law, commerce, environmental or developmental studies, and other social sciences.

Bachelor of Arts or Science in Economics

Degree options

As an undergraduate student in economics, you'll have the option to choose either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BSc). In either option, students may choose the following options:

  • 20-credit Major
  • 20-credit Honours Degree
  • 20-credit Combined Honours Degree
  • 15-credit Minor
  • Minor

View details on degree options and requirements.

The undergraduate advisor, Dr. Ruth Forsdyke, can help with planning your programs including course selection, which degree program is best for you, advise about post-graduate programs, honours applications, planning exchanges with other universities, directing you to information about study help, tutoring, and counselling services, and generally to provide you with advise.


For the summer term, economics advising office hours will be by appointment. 

You can either email your questions or/and you may email to set up an appointment with the Econ advisor at Econadvisor@Dal.ca.