Applying to Honours

Honours Program

Students who want a challenging program that results in a broad background in Economics and includes an independent research experience are encouraged to apply to an Honours program.  Students interested in pursuing graduate studies are particularly encouraged to apply.

Admissions Criteria & Degree Requirements:

How and When to Apply?

Students can apply as soon as 3rd year courses are completed and the two application forms (at links below) should be submitted to the Economics Department Main office or electronically to by August 7th, 2020.

Note: On the RO application form, please include all 120 credit hours that you intend to take to complete your degree including all required courses.  This will require drawing extra lines in the margins of the form.  Use the format: ECONXXXX.0Y where Y = credit hours per course.

Courses to take prior to applying
Prospective Honours students are advised to complete all 5 MATH/STAT requirements by the end of your second year.  In particular, to satisfy prerequisite requirements for 3rd year required Honour’s courses, students must complete MATH1000 and STAT/MATH2060 by the beginning of the fall term of 3rd year..

In 3rd year, students take ECON3338 and ECON3700 in the fall term, and it is highly recommended to take ECON3339 in the winter term 

In 4th year,  Honour and Majors students are heavily encouraged to take 4th year elective courses in addition to the required 4th year Honours courses.

Students should complete an approved writing course prior to applying to Honours with a minimum grade of B.