Project Objectives


The aim of this project is to investigate known, probable and possible source rocks in the Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Labrador shelves and deep water offshore areas (and comparison with contemporaneous analogs), with an emphasis in the Triassic–Jurassic time interval. This research project is designed as a Consortium, with multiple industry partners.

This study is based on a reanalysis and evaluation of the existing organic geochemistry dataset, but it will also include the observation and geochemical study of selected cores and cuttings and integration with time-equivalent source rock outcrops in Canada and conjugate margins, namely Morocco, Portugal, Spain and Ireland.

Source rock is a fundamental component of petroleum systems; coupled with reservoir distribution they are the two key risk elements of the Atlantic Canada margin. The Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board’s (CNSOPB) 2013 Call for Bids NS13-1, based in part on the Play Fairway Analysis (PFA) (Beicip-Franlab, 2011) constructed a model in which a more regional Lower Jurassic source rock extends beyond the Sable Subbasin and underlies the whole margin. All the data suggest that there may be an increased potential for new oil and gas discoveries in the western Scotian Margin and Atlantic margins.

The investigation of known, probable and possible source rocks in the eastern Canada offshore shelf and deepwater offshore regions, and knowing how these organic-rich intervals developed and evolved through time, will contribute to mitigating drilling and production risks and may aid to identify find new exploration opportunities, not only in the Scotian Basin, but also in neighboring basins and conjugate margins.


Project Progress

Consortium members are regularly updated regarding project progress. In addition to monthly newsletters, meetings and presentations are given at frequent intervals to keep members informed regarding important project milestones. Review past presentation material below.

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