The Basin and Reservoir Research Lab is multi-disciplinary. Professor Wach uses a research approach based on four integrated, multi-disciplinary research themes:

Basin & Reservoir Lab
Petroleum Geoscience Research Facility

Programs & Themes

  • Reservoir Characterization & Provenance Studies
  • Basin & Field Analysis, and Sequence Stratigraphy
  • Outcrop Analog, Core Studies & Reservoir Modeling
  • Source Rock Characterization and Paleoenvironmental Interpretation
  • Geothermal Energy Development and Usage
  • Geoforensic Analysis¬†
  • Geological Carbon Capture and Storage¬†

Innovation & Research Impact

  • Multidisciplinary teams & methodologies enable basin-wide analysis
  • Advance application of visualization to reservoir characterization
  • Applied & translational research methods benefits academic research advancement and education of future researchers & professionals in the energy sector
  • Introduces novel research applications & methodology to Canadian academic institutions
  • Research will advance stratigraphic resolution in the offshore basins of Nova Scotia
  • Environmental geoscience and sustainability in Atlantic Canada

Each major program and theme supports the other; for example basin and field studies, provenance analysis, biostratigraphy, seismic and well log integration all contribute to developing a robust stratigraphic framework. Reservoir characterization will significantly advance the understanding of  reservoir connectivity for input to geologic and reservoir models.