Student Work

We have had many students come through the Basin and Reservoir Lab over the years who have done innovative and interesting work. Below are samples of undergraduate and graduate student work supervised by Dr. Grant Wach. More research can be found on DalSpace, Dalhousie's institutional repository. 


Anderson, Erin. (2017). Diagenetic effects and fluid flow along erosional boundaries in the Triassic Wolfville Formation at Rainy Cove, Nova Scotia. [PDF-524 KB]

Campbell, Taylor. (2014). Seismic stratigraphy and attribute analysis of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic of the Penobscot Area, offshore Nova Scotia. [PDF-8 MB]

O'Connor, Darragh.  (2011). Petrogenesis of nepheline syenites and phonolites from Lofdal Intrusive Complex, Kunene Region, Namibia. [PDF-2.4 MB]

Sedore, Phillip. (2017). Preliminary 1D modelling approach to the investigation of Mesozoic source rocks in several offshore Newfoundland basins. [PDF-7 MB]

Tobey, Dawn. (2013). High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy of the Banquereau Formation, Offshore Nova Scotia. [PDF-5.7 MB]

Wong, Carlos. (2015). Lidar survey of the Joggins Formation in the Coal Mine Point Section, Cumberland Basin (Nova Scotia, Canada). [PDF-7.8 MB] 


Hargreaves, Anne. (2021). Seismic and lithological characterization and source rock potential of the Aptian Naskapi Shale Member, Logan Canyon Formation, offshore Nova Scotia. [PDF-21 MB]

Martyns-Yellowe, Kenneth. (2021). Integrated Lithostratigraphic, Formation and Structural Evaluation of the Migrant Structure, Sable Subbasin, Offshore Nova Scotia. [PDF-27.5 MB]

Morrison, Natasha. (2017). Seismic inversion and source rock evaluation on Jurassic organic rich intervals in the Scotian Basin, Nova Scotia. [PDF-5.9 MB]

O'Connor, Darragh. (2016). Facies distrabution, fluvial architecture, provenance, diagenesis, and reservoir quality of synrift successions from the breakup of Pangea: Examples from the Fundy Basin and Orpheus Graben. [PDF-19 MB]

Skinner, Carla. (2016). Excess Pressure and Reservoir Compartmentalization in the Sable Subbasin, Offshore Nova Scotia. [PDF-10.6 MB]

Wong, Carlos. (2018). Petroluem systems modelling of potential lower Jurassic source rocks along the Scotian Margin. [PDF-16.7 MB]


Kelly, Trevor. (2013). Reservoir performance and architecture of a fluvial meanderbelt system, Joggins Formation, Nova Scotia. [PDF-29 MB]


Kelly, Trevor. (2022). Sedimentology and reservoir characteristics of the Carboniferous Joggins Formation, Nova Scotia, Atlantic Canada. [PDF-14 MB]