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May 27-29, 2024: The 8th Conjugate Margins Conference will be held in Lisbon, Portugal. Read more about the upcoming conference on the 1st circular linked below.

1st Circular, 8th Conjugate Margins Conference [PDF - 1.8 MB]



November 15-17, 2023

Second EAGE Workshop on Geothermal Energy in Latin America

First Announcement and Call for Abstracts [PDF - 631 KB]

July 27-28, 2023

The Geothermal Energy in Canada: Development in Remote, Isolated, and Indigenous Communities workshop will take place on July 27th & 28th, both online and in person at the University of Waterloo.

More info, schedule, and link to register  [PDF - 0.5 MB]


April 19-20, 2023

The Basin and Reservoir Lab hosted the Carbon Neutrality Forum alongside the NS Department of Natural Resources and Net Zero Atlantic this past spring. Check out the forum website linked above to review the list of speakers, presentation schedule, and a recap of the events over the two-day meeting.

Thursday, September 8th, 2022

Searcher Seismic is hosting the Nova Scotia Explorers Lounge in Calgary on Thursday, September 8th. Registration begins at 2:30 PM Calgary time, followed by presentations from a number of industry professionals. Professor Grant Wach will be presenting on the Revival of a Proven Hydrocarbon Province, at 4:00 PM MDT. Presentation Abstract [PDF - 537 KB]

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy will be hosting a series of workshops entitled VisioCCS Planning foning Workshops: r Southwestern Ontario for 2030. The talks will begin at 8:30 EDT. 

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Bright Green Lies premieres on April 22 at 9:30 pm. The fim "investigates the change in focus of the mainstream environmental movement, from its original concern with protecting nature, to its current obsession with powering an unsustainable way of life. The film exposes the lies and fantastical thinking behind the notion that solar, wind, hydro, biomass, or green consumerism will save us from climate change. Tackling the most pressing issues of our time will require us to look beyond the mainstream technological solutions and ask deeper questions about what needs to change."

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Dawson Informal Research Talk (DIRT) via Zoom - Carla Skinner
Title: High Pressure Situations: Overpressure & Reservoir Connectivity in the Sable Subbasin



Spring 2023

The Basin and Reservoir Lab underwent major renovations! Starting in 2022, the majority of our lab space had undergone demolition, with reconstruction largely completed by late spring 2023. While our work on campus had slowed down during the reno process, we're looking forward to ramping up research efforts once again and welcoming students and colleagues into the new lab space.

August 2019

Updated August 2020

Professor Grant Wach and his research team in the Basin and Reservoir Lab at Dalhousie University would like to thank Petroleum Experts for their in-kind donation of the MOVE Suite structural modelling and analysis software. MOVE provides a full digital environment for best practice structural modelling to reduce risk and uncertainty in geological models. The MOVE suite provides a platform for integrating and interpreting data, cross-section construction, 3D model building, kinematic restoration and validation, geomechanical modelling, fracture modelling, fault response modelling, and fault and stress analysis. The total amount of this donation is £1,601,839.98 ($2,809,114.74). We are grateful for their support! 





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