Recife 2017

Heading South: New Frontiers


The Fifth Atlantic Margins Conference was held at the Enotel Hotel and Conference Center, Porto de Galinhas (Recife), Pernambuco, Brazil, from August 20-23, 2017. The focus of the conference, "Heading South: New Frontiers", extended to all the margins of the Atlantic, with  regional focus on the South Atlantic and African coastlines. This was an excellent forum for researchers and industry to share the latest insights on margin evolution and petroleum prospectivity in the South Atlantic conjugate basins.

Thematic Sessions:

  1. Geodynamics
  2. Tectonics and Sedimentation
  3. Paleogeography and Oceanic Circulation
  4. Petroleum Systems

Conference Materials

·         View Program [pdf – 0.6 MB]

·         View Short Abstracts 1 – Geodynamics [pdf – 3.0 MB]

·         View Short Abstracts 2 – Petroleum Systems [pdf – 1.5 MB]

·         View Short Abstracts 3 – Tectonics & Sedimentation [pdf – 1.4 MB]

·         View Extended Abstracts 1 [pdf – 1.7 MB]