Cross‑appointed Professors

The purpose of cross-appointments is to foster links between the the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences and individuals with similar professional interests. Ideally the appointment will result in several advantages: to allow for research collaborations, to provide opportunities to engage in research or teaching activities with other departments, to gain governmental or non-governmental organizational views on department teaching or committee work, or to provide additional expertise on earth and environmental sciences subjects in support of student and faculty interests. Typically cross appointees have provided support in the areas of teaching (supervision of student theses and projects), research (funding proposals and manuscript preparation), administration (committee support) and knowledge transfer (program advice and dissemination of research results). We value highly the contributions of the cross-appointees listed below. Thank you.

Earth and Environmental Sciences Cross-appointments

Name Department Email address
Patricia Lane Biology
Rajesh Rajaselvam Biology
Rob Jamieson Civil and Resource Engineering
Daniel Rainham School of Health and Human Performance
Michelle Adams School for Resource and Environmental Studies
Kate Sherren School for Resource and Environmental Studies
Peter Tyedmers School for Resource and Environmental Studies
Tony Walker School for Resource and Environmental Studies