Adjunct Professors

The department benefits from collaboration with a number of Adjunct professors and research associates, who contribute substantially to research, honours and graduate student supervision, and advanced classes and workshops. Most of our Adjuncts hold positions at other universities and government institutions in Nova Scotia.

Adjuncts are appointed by the Faculty of Graduate Studies on the recommendation of the department, normally for a period of 5 years. Details of FGS membership categories and procedures can be found at Nominations are considered by the department on a case-by-case basis in the spring of every academic year. Potential nominees must supply an up-to-date c.v., accompanied by a letter to the department explaining the nature of their past, continuing, and/or proposed association with the department and its graduate programs. Please contact the department for further details.

Adjunct   Affiliation
Adam, J., MSc (Clausthal), PhD (Technical University of Berlin) University of London
Adlakha, E. PhD (University of Ottawa) Saint Mary's University
Beaumont, C., PhD Department of Qceanography, Dalhousie
Berndt, C. PhD (University of Cambridge (UK)) University of Zurich
Brown, D., BSc (Dalhousie) Canada-NS Offshore Petroleum Board (CNSOPB)
Butler, J., PhD Industry, Energy and Technology, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
Cairns, G., PhD National Facility for Seismic Imaging (NSFI)
Calder, J., BSc (SMU), PhD (Dalhousie) Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources
Campbell, C., BSc Honours (SMU), PhD (Dalhousie) Geological Survey of Canada Atlantic
Clair, T., BSc (Mount Allison), MSc (Ottawa), PhD (McMaster)
Environment Canada (retired)
Csank, A.Z., PhD University of Nevada, Reno
Dickie, J., BSc Honours and MSc (Dalhousie), BEd (University of Toronto/ OISE), MBA (Sobey School of Business, SMU) Basin and Reservoir Lab
Fedak, T. J., BA (NSCAD), PhD (Dalhousie) Curator of Geology, Nova Scotia Museum
Forbes, D. L., BA Honours (Carleton), MA (Toronto), PhD (UBC) GSC Atlantic
Fowler, M., BSc Honours (Leicester Univ.), MSc, PhD (Univ of Newcastle upon Tyne)  APT Canada 
Gibling, M., BA (Oxon), PhD (Ottawa)
Dalhousie University, Earth and Environmental Sciences (retired)
Hanley, J., BASc, MSc, PhD (Toronto) Saint Mary’s University
Harding, A., PhD (University of Cambridge, England) Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego
Hermanns, R., PhD (University Potsdam, Germany) Geological Survey of Norway, Norwegian University of Science and Technology             
Jamieson, R. A., BSc (Dalhousie), PhD, (Memorial) Dalhousie University, Earth and Environmental Sciences (retired)
Kellet, D., BSc (UBC), MSc (Queen's), PhD (Dalhousie)
Kelly, N., PhD (Biological Oceanography, Dalhousie University) Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Kettanah, Y., BSc (Baghdad Univ), PhD (Southampton Univ, UK) Faculty of Spatial Planning & Geoscience, Department of Applied Geoscience, Duhok University, Iraq                                         
Kopp, H., BSc, MSc, PhD (Kiel) GEOMAR
Louden, K. E., BA (Oberlin), MEd (Temple), PhD (MIT) Department of Oceanography, Dalhousie University
Martel, T., BSc Honours, PhD (Dalhousie) Corridor Resources Inc.
Maselli, V.,BSc (University of Bologna), MSc (University of Trieste), PhD (University of Bologna) Associate Professor, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Mudie, P. J., BSc (Cape Town), BSc (Leicester), PhD (Dalhousie) National Research Council
Murphy, J. B., BSc (Dublin), MSc (Acadia), PhD (McGill)
St. Francis Xavier University
Normandeau, A., BSc, MSc, PhD (Laval) GSC
O'Brien, N. PhD Environment and Climate Change Canada 
Parsons, M., BSc (Dalhousie), PhD (Stanford) GSC Atlantic
Plourde, A., PhD (University of British Columbia) Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic)
Reynolds, D.J., PhD Government of Canada, Science and Innovation
Reynolds, P., BSc, MSc (University of Calgary, Calgary) ExxonMobil (retired)
Richards, F. W., BSc Honour (Bristol), MSc (Imperial College) ESSO
Shaw, C. S. J., BSc Honours (Univ of London), MSc, PhD (UWO) University of New Brunswick
Silva, R., BSc, PhD (Univ of Coimbra)
Universityof Exeter
Simpson, D. W., BSc Honours, MSc (Dalhousie), PhD (Australian National Univ) IRIS Consortium
Steffen, Rebekka, Diplom (FSU Jena), PhD (Univ of Calgary) Lantmäteriet (Sweden)
Swinden, S., BSc (Dalhousie), MSc, PhD (Memorial) Swinden Geoscience Consultants Ltd
van Rooyen, D., BSc, PhD (Carleton) CBU
Vincent, H., BSc (Univ of West Indies), MSc (Imperial College), PhD (Dalhousie)
BP Trinidad and Tobago
Whipp, D. M., BSc, PhD (Univ of Michigan)
University of Helsinki