The department benefits from a skilled and experienced group of technical and administrative staff. This includes 2 departmental secretaries, a full-time administrator, university-funded technicians who contribute to both teaching and research activities, and grant-paid technicians who support specific research groups.


Department Staff

Thomas Duffett

Geosciences Technologist

Dawn Hall

Administrative Assitant

Sean Hartwell

Department Administrator

Norma Keeping

Administrative Secretary

Roman Kislitsyn

(U-Th)/He Labratory Technologist

Dan MacDonald

Electron Microprobe and Image Analysis Technologist

Darlene Van de Rijt

Administrative Secretary


Research Staff

Kristin Hart

Hydrology Research Lab

Alexis Imperial

Lab Technician

Helen Lau

Min Liu

Muon Paleotometry
Post Doctoral Fellow


Lauren Morris

Basin and reservoir Lab
Research Associate

Guang Yang

Cosmogenic Nuclide Extraction Facility
Facility Manager, Chemist, Administrator

Gerald Raab

RPosr Doctoral Fellow

Chloe Younger

Basin and reservoir Lab
Research Associate