Sessional Instructors

Name Contact Information Teaching
Jillian Bambricks   ERTH/GEOG 1060, Natural Hazards
Caitlin Cunningham Email: ENVS 2100, Environmental Informatics and ERTH/ENVS/GEOG 3500, GIS Lab support
Wilder Greenman Email: ERTH 2203, Sedimentology
Wayne Groszko Office: Rm. 808, Life Sciences Centre
ENVS/SUST, 4004 Pathways to Sustainable Energy
Caroline Hammerschlag-Peyer Email ENVS 1100, Foundations of Environmental Science
Abraham Munene Email: ENVS 3400, Environment and Human Health
Alex Plourde


ERTH 2270, Intro to Applied Geophysics
Jamie Simpson Email ENVS 3200, Introduction to Environmental Law
Christiane Zoghbi Email: ERTH 3701, Hydrology