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Meet our new Commerce Society president Donald Eastop

Posted by Rowe School of Business on July 6, 2018 in News

Why were you interested in being a society president?

I joined the Dalhousie Commerce Society (DCS) in my second year and held the position of photographer. It was an easy, stress-free position and I loved every moment of it. I got to see how the Society was run and what other positions I could hold. That same year I applied for a representative position and began helping plan events for the student body. I was hooked! I held multiple other positions until this year when I decided to run for the Presidency. I love everything about the Dalhousie Commerce program and the Commerce Society; I’m very proud to say that I attend Dalhousie University for Commerce. I dream about building on the successes of the previous Presidents and to improve the Society for future generations of Commerce students.

What do you think the most exciting part of being a society leader will be?

I think it will be meeting and working with the amazing individuals within the Commerce program and outside it. I love working alongside people who bring different perspectives and approaches to problems that I’m facing. I’ve already met and worked with tons of exciting new people!

What are the most important parts of the society you would like to focus on next year?

The Executive team and I have discussed our goals and plans for the upcoming year and decided that we would like to focus on:

  1. Increasing the awareness of and involvement from the Commerce student body.
    Prior to joining the Society in second year, I wasn’t involved in much else than sports. After I joined, however, I came to realize how enjoyable, helpful and interesting the Society can be. My team and I want to increase involvement from the student body to help others realize how amazing it is to be part of something like the DCS. We would like to focus more heavily on the first-years coming into the program; they are the foundation on which the DCS is built!

  2. Increase partnerships and sponsorships with local businesses to enlarge the resources available to students.
    The DCS has been an integral part of the Halifax municipality for almost 100 years. Over the years we have had many different partnerships with local businesses to benefit students and improve their time at Dalhousie. The team and I are very interested in building strong, long-lasting relationships with businesses that could help improve resources available to students and the DCS itself.

  3. Increase the charity dollars donate.
    Every year the DCS has worked with charities for various causes and has raised huge amounts of money for each one. This year we would like to continue the trend of increasing charity dollars donated to initiatives and organizations such as Movember, IWK Foundation, Phoenix Youth Centre and many others.

How do you think your society can help students become more engaged in Dalhousie and support them in having a better university experience?

Improving Dalhousie Commerce students’ experience and getting them engaged in extracurricular activities is one of our top priorities. We believe that by hosting fun and exciting events along with meaningful charity initiatives we can attract a wide range of individuals who are interested in being a part of something. We plan to run information sessions on how to be involved in the Society and what goes on in the DCS. Being involved in a society while at university is something that will benefit you for years to come. Whether it’s the friends you make, the skills and knowledge you gain or simply improving yourself, a society is a great way to become involved. I joined in second year and my only regret is that I didn’t join in first year!

Any last words?

I am extremely excited to begin working for the student body of the Dalhousie Commerce program. I look forward to the opportunity to diligently work to improve the experience of students. My team and I are hardworking, dedicated, friendly people who all share the common goal of making the Dalhousie Commerce Society the best it can be. Whether you’re a first year, second year, third year or fourth year, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at with any questions, concerns or simply just to chat! Or if you are in the Rowe building, come up to room 2058 and say hi to any one of the executive! We’ll love to talk to you!