Disrupting through innovation and entrepreneurship

An illuminated light bulb. The photo is tinted blue

How do we innovate? How do we disrupt established markets? How do we launch and grow businesses? These questions are at the core of the Disruption cluster.

Providing new perspectives in the healthcare industry

Medicine doctor hand working with modern digital tablet computer

Perceptions, leadership of professionals, risk management practices, role of professional bodies and regulations are some of the challenges we investigate in the Healthcare Industry cluster.


Unlocking social and behavioural analytics

A black and white computer screen with a table of data on the top left corner and three line charts located in the other 3 quadrents.

The Analytics cluster asks: How do humans make decisions? Can we predict them? If yes, it may completely change how some industries and companies interact with their customers.

Building diverse, sustainable and responsible organizations

Business Team Professional Occupation Workplace Concept

Researchers in the Responsible Organizations cluster look at perceptions, obstacles, company responses, best practices, etc. in order to build better organizations.

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