Research Profiles

Meet researchers from the Faculty of Management's four schools: Rowe School of Business, School for Resource and Environmental Studies, School of Information Management and School of Public Administration.

Heidi Weigand, Nyasha Mandeya, David Kerr, Kristin Williams, George Frempong, Kim Brooks, Rick Nason: Understanding collaboration practices guiding the road to economic well being of African–Nova Scotian communities
M. Ali Ülkü, Rowe School of Business: Analytical models for managing circular supply chains
Kevin Quigley, School of Public Administration: Scenario planning and the future of tourism for persons with disabilities
Binod Sundararajan, Rowe School of Business: The TAEC model of diversity for organizational effectiveness
Shuna Ho, Rowe School of Business: Non-market strategies, social license, and legal license: A necessary condition analysis
Sylvain Charlebois, School of Public Administration: A review of Canadian and international food safety systems: Issues and recommendations for the future
Alana Westwood, School for Resource and Environmental Studies: Characterizing how knowledge exchange is done in forest science
Colin Conrad, School of Information Management: What is the effect of mind wandering on work productivity when using remote workplace platforms?
Iman Nosoohi, Rowe School of Business: On the effects of government policies to improve affordability in pharmaceutical markets
Sherry Pictou, Faculties of Law and Management: Re-grounding of Indigenous women and governance based on Indigenous land- & water-based laws and treaty relations  
Kyung Lee, Rowe School of Business: What makes you continuously use chatbot services? Evidence from Chinese online travel agencies
Stéphane Mechoulan, School of Public Administration: Analyzing the spillover effects of the Canada 150 Chairs Program on the productivity of Canadian scholars
Jenny Chen, Rowe School of Business: Supply chain strategy in the presence of customer returns
Philippe Mongeon, School of Information Management: Rethinking scholarly publishing to support access to knowledge and a sustainable future
Kevin Quigley, School of Public Administration: Understanding and improving mass evacuations
Kent Williams, Rowe School of Business: Enabling hope for emerging leaders in the 21st century
Keith Brunt, Faculty of Medicine, Saint John & James R. Barker, Faculty of Management: Caring for care-providers: Developing an online health-screening tool to investigate the mental health status and resiliencies of frontline community pharmacy staff
Louise Spiteri, School of Information Management: Identities, motivations and social impact of sustainable lifestyle movements: An examination of online zero waste communities
Isabelle Caron, School of Public Administration: Women’s perception of the Canadian Armed Forces as a barrier to female retention
Heidi Weigand, Albert James, Leo Dana, Rowe School of Business: Decolonized learning
Dana Kabat-Farr, Rowe School of Business: Testing the benefits of increases in perceived support during the pandemic
Sara Filbee, School of Public Administration: Managing complexity during a pandemic
Anika Cloutier, Rowe School of Business: Does mental health affect who becomes a leader?
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