Research Profiles

Meet researchers from the Faculty of Management's four schools: Rowe School of Business, School for Resource and Environmental Studies, School of Information Management and School of Public Administration.

Sylvain Charlebois, School of Public Administration: Food distribution and policy, and the future of food systems
Alexander Engau, Rowe School of Business: Business analytics and the “Science of Better”

Qi Deng, Rowe School of Business: Consumer engagement with brands on social media

Kim Brooks, Rowe School of Business & Faculty of Law: Designing fair and efficient tax systems
Melanie Zurba, School for Resource and Environmental
Studies: Environmental policy and governance: equity, values and participation

Peggy Cunningham, Rowe School of Business: Ethics, corporate social responsibility and marketing strategy to enhance firm performance

Scott Comber, Rowe School of Business: Leadership development, complexity systems approaches to healthcare, scholarship of teaching and learning
Colin Conrad, School of Information Management: Leveraging machine learning to create better user experiences
Anika Cloutier, Rowe School of Business: Leader characteristics and drivers of leadership behaviours
Jenny Chen, Rowe School of Business: Customer returns, pricing strategies and consumer behaviours
Isabelle Caron, School of Public Administration: Machinery of government, diversity management, policy development and implementation
James Barker, Rowe School of Business: Community pharmacy safety and policy
Hamed Aghakhani, Rowe School of Business: Advertising, cause-related marketing, consumer and purchasing behaviour