Centres & Labs

Centre for Research in Sustainable Supply Chain Analytics 

CRSCCA provides data-driven, innovative, and analytical solutions for complex global supply chain problems. It disseminates relevant, impactful, and collaborative scholarly knowledge through the lens of sustainability (economic, environmental, social, and cultural) while training students in research and education. 

Location: Rowe Building, Room 4065
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Centre for Family Business and Regional Prosperity

Dedicated to the support and promotion of family business research, this Centre creates a space for those interested in advancing our understanding of family business and business families through research and dissemination of information. 

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MacEachen Institute for Public Policy and Governance 

This nationally focused, non-partisan, interdisciplinary institute supports the development of progressive public policy and encourages greater citizen engagement. 

Learn more: MacEachen Institute for Public Policy and Governance (a collaboration with the Faculties of Arts & Social Sciences, Health, Management, Law and Science, and the Office of the Vice-President, Research)

Douglas C. Mackay Finance Lab

The Finance Lab is internationally recognized and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities such as software, databases, and Bloomberg terminals that provide a platform for research and collaboration here at Dalhousie. The lab benefits from support by the financial and risk management industry to obtain multidisciplinary financial risk management solutions.

Location: Rowe Building, second floor

Data Collaboratory  

This research lab is focused on information and emerging technology. 

Location: Rowe Building, second floor

Agri-Food Analytics Lab

The AAL is a research unit that analyzes the agri-food industry's trends and provides insight into the sector's current state. The lab employs a multidisciplinary approach, bringing together experts from different fields such as economics, agriculture, nutrition, and food science.

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Quantitative Science Studies (QSS) Lab

The QSS Lab aims to advance knowledge on the production, dissemination, and use of research. Our researchers analyze trends in the global research and scholarly communication system, provide bibliometric expertise to support research, research assessment, and policymaking. They develop open data infrastructures and tools to support open research practices and to make bibliometrics more open and accessible.

Location: Rowe Building, Room 4032 

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Professional Motivations Research Lab 

The PMRL takes an interdisciplinary perspective to understand reasons and contexts that best support professionals who strive to do work that benefits society. Intrinsic and pro-social motivation has been linked to improved job outcomes and organizational performance. The PMRL brings together researchers, knowledge users, and professionals to collaborate and unpack professional motivations. Our work informs human resource practices designed to create meaningful work environments.

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