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Resources for Researchers

Course-based ethics review forms

Please note that thesis students need to use the ethics approval forms provided by Dalhousie's Research Services.

Faculty of Management Guideline for the Remuneration of Research Assistants

Upcoming Grant Opportunities


Connection Grants (Next Deadline: February 1, 2017)

Next Deadline: February 1, 2017, 11:59 pm ET (Note: the competition is held four times a year; the next deadline after this one is May 1, 2017)

Summary: Connection Grants are designed to facilitate short-term, targeted knowledge mobilization initiatives that create opportunities to “exchange knowledge and to engage on research issues of value to those participating.” They may support workshops, colloquiums, conferences, forums, summer institutes or other events or outreach activities that facilitate exchange within and between disciplines, between sectors (academic, public, private, non-profit), or international scholarly collaboration or exchanges between researchers, students, or non-academic partners from other countries. Events may be held in-person or virtually.

Duration: 1 year

Amount: $7,000 - $25,000 for events; outreach activities may receive up to $50,000; requires matching funds (cash or in-kind) of 50% or greater than the amount sought from SSHRC from a supporting organization.

The competition is open to:

1. Individual/team applications, to “conduct an event or outreach activity, or series thereof, that primarily falls within the applicant’s domain of expertise and that will, ultimately, allow them to make a significant contribution to their field of research.”

2. Institutions, for the purpose of “conduct[ing] an event or outreach activity, or series thereof, in order to attain strategic objectives relevant to the institution’s mission and mandate.” Universities may apply.

Full details and link to application form may be found here

If you are interested in this or a future SSHRC Connection Grant competition, or intend to apply, please contact me (susan.haydt@dal.ca) for more information or to arrange for a review or other assistance.

Insight Grants (Deadline: around October 15 each year

Summary:  Insight Grants proposals are expected to respond to the objectives put forward in the call for proposals for the Insight program. The objectives of the Insight program are to:

· build knowledge and understanding from disciplinary, interdisciplinary and/or cross-sector perspectives through support for the best researchers;

· support new approaches to research on complex and important topics, including those that transcend the capacity of any one scholar, institution or discipline;

·  provide a high-quality research training experience for students;·  fund research expertise that relates to societal challenges and opportunities; and

· mobilize research knowledge, to and from academic and non-academic audiences, with the potential to lead to intellectual, cultural, social and economic influence, benefit and impact.

Duration: 3 to 5 years

Amount: $7,000 to $400,000

For more details and links to the application forms, click here.

Reminders about Eligibility: You cannot, as Applicant (i.e., principal investigator) apply for both an Insight Grant and an Insight Development Grant in the same calendar year. Researchers may only apply, as Applicant, for one Insight Grant at a time. However, there is no limit to the number of times you can apply to SSHRC as a co-applicant. See SSHRC's Policy on Multiple Applications for more details. 

Please contact Susan Haydt if you have questions or intend to apply for this opportunity.  



Dalhousie SSHRC Research Development Fund (RDF)

The purpose of the RDF is to "support activities that develop, increase or strengthen research excellence in the social sciences and humanities at Dalhousie University." This award may be used to facilitate a future application to SSHRC. This award is available to full-time faculty members and those with limited term appointments.

Awards are up to $3500 for individuals, and up to $4500 for two or more co-investigators from different disciplines to work together on an interdisciplinary research project.

Deadlines: May 1 and September 1. Instructions for where to send applications are in the application form. 

To access the application form and for more information, visit Dalhousie Research Services' Internal Funding webpage.


Rowe School of Business Research Grant (Next Deadline: July 17, 2017)

The purpose of the RSB Research Grant is to support activities that develop, increase and strengthen research excellence in the Rowe School of Business at Dalhousie University, and that further the School’s commitment to values-based management.

For more information and to obtain the forms, email susan.haydt@dal.ca


Research Skills and Capacity Building

Faculty of Management Events and Resources

Research Workshops

Periodically, the Faculty of Management hosts workshops designed to inform faculty about upcoming grant opportunities and develop grantsmanship skills. Click here to view and download materials from past Research Workshops.

Other Dalhousie Events and Resources

Dalhousie Research Services Events and Resources

Dalhousie Research Services' webpage of Additional Resources features links to:

  • materials from their Information Sessions about particular grant opportunities
  • Research Support Resources available throughout Dalhousie (Financial Services, Ethics, Faculty of Graduate Studies)
  • Funding Agency Research Resources (webinars, videos, and other sources of research grant writing tips)

Off-campus Events and Resources

NSHRF Peer Review Observer Program

Curious about how peer review committees work? This program from the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation (NSHRF) allows researchers, individuals who assist in the development of research applications, and users of research to learn about the peer review process through first-hand observation of NSHRF’s Peer Review Committees during their deliberations.

The sessions for 2016 are:

June 7- 8, 2016 - Health Policy, Health Services and Health Outcomes Peer Review Committee

June 14- 15, 2016 - Biomedical Peer Review Committee

The times and locations for these will be announced in future. These sessions are free of charge. Click here to access the sign-up form. NSHRF will contact you in May to confirm your participation.  For more information, contact Meredith Campbell, Director, Programs, NSHRF.