JD/MI (Master of Information)

Explore our combined Juris Doctor (JD) and MI degree

Marking a collaboration between our school and the School of Information Management, Dalhousie was the first Canadian university in Canada to offer this combination of a Juris Doctor (JD) and a Master of Information (MI). Both degrees are obtained in four years, rather than five if taken separately. 

Your career development

This degree allows you to pursue a career as a:

  • Legal librarian
  • Government information or legal officer
  • Parliamentary research officer
  • Federal or provincial clerk or policy officer
  • IP, Internet, media, technology or research lawyer
  • Legal editor or publisher.

Entry requirements

To gain acceptance onto this combined degree program, you must satisfy the entrance requirements of both our JD program and the School of Information Management’s Master of Information program. You may submit LSAT results in lieu of GMAT results.


The program consists of the following:

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3

MI : two MI courses (one required, one elective)

JD (in total of 23-25 credit hours):

  • LAWS 2062.05: Constitutional Law 
  • LAWS 2311.005: Second Year Moot 
  • LAWS 2321.005: Second Year Moot 
  • LAWS 2361.025: Civil Procedure 
  • LAWS 2362.025: Civil Procedure 
  • 12-14 credit hours of JD courses (inclusive of a major paper course)
Year 4
  • LAWS 2099.02 Legal Profession
  • 21-23 credit hours of JD electives (inclusive of major paper course). 

Electives of particular interest to students in the JD/MI program include:

  • Government Information Resources (Offered by the School of Information Management, or SIM)
  • Information Policy (SIM)
  • LAWS 2178 - Intellectual Property Law I
  • LAWS 2168 - Internet and Media Law
  • LAWS 2172 - Advanced Legal Research
  • Reading courses and directed research papers (both SIM on our law school)

Find out more

If you'd like to know more, please contact either MI admissions team member jlmusic@dal.ca or our JD admissions team at law.admissions@dal.ca.