JD/MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Explore our combined Juris Doctor (JD) and MBA degree

This is a four-year program which enables students to select courses leading to degrees of Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration. The combined program is structured as follows::

Year 1
  • CRMBA program starts at the end of June, with four courses taken from July-August
  • September to December: 5 more CRMBA courses
  • January to August: mandatory eight-month Corporate Residency, plus one online course
  • Non-credit course in Personal and Professional Effectiveness, taken throughout
Year 2
Year 3



  • LAWS 2062.05: Constitutional Law 
  • LAWS 2311.005: Second Year Moot 
  • LAWS 2321.005: Second Year Moot 
  • LAWS 2361.025: Civil Procedure 
  • LAWS 2362.025: Civil Procedure
  • 7 to 9 credit hours of law courses from the “Business Law” area (see below)
  • Other elective courses for a total of 23-25 law credits (inclusive of a LAWS major paper course)
Year 4


  • MGMT 5000.03
  • 9 credit hours of MBA(CR) electives


  • LAWS 2099.02: Legal Profession
  • 3 to 5 credit hours of law courses from the “Business Law” area
  • Other elective law courses for a total of 23 - 25 law credits (inclusive of a LAWS major paper course)

Courses in the Business Law area

LAWS 2002.04: Business Associations 
LAWS 2006.03: Corporate Finance
LAWS 2008.04: Evidence
LAWS 2010.02: Insurance Law 
LAWS 2029.04: Taxation I 
LAWS 2033.03: Equity and Trusts 
LAWS 2056.03: International Trade Law 
LAWS 2059.02: Taxation III 
LAWS 2079.02: Oil and Gas Law 
LAWS 2081.02: Bankruptcy and Insolvency
LAWS 2106.02: Taxation of Corporations 
LAWS 2121.02: Law of Succession 
LAWS 2129.03: Corporate Transactions 
LAWS 2137.03: Regulation of Financial Institutions 
LAWS 2138.03: Securities Regulation 
LAWS 2145.02: Sale of Goods 
LAWS 2153.03: Business and Environmental Law 
LAWS 2169.03: Competition Law 
LAWS 2170.03: Information Technology Transactions 
LAWS 2204.03: Secured Transactions 
LAWS 2232.04: Real Estate Transactions 
LAWS 2269.03: Taxation II 


Students intending to make an application for the joint JD/MBA program should inquire directly to: crmba@dal.ca (902) 494-1814 or toll-free 1-888-432-5622 (MBA) and to law.admissions@dal.ca (LAW).