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Dal Health introduces new Emergency Medical Services Management program

Posted by Josey Houle, Dal Heath freelance writer on October 16, 2023 in News
The first-of-its kind program empowers paramedics to broaden their leadership skills and expertise without putting career on hold (Adobe Stock photo)
The first-of-its kind program empowers paramedics to broaden their leadership skills and expertise without putting career on hold (Adobe Stock photo)

Designed to meet the needs of the Canadian paramedic profession, Dalhousie University’s unique, purpose-built Bachelor of Health Science - Emergency Medical Services Management program is set to launch in January 2024.

The online, asynchronous program can be completed in 2 years of full-time study, and up to six years of part-time study, ultimately allowing students to learn without putting their careers on hold.

The BHSc EMS Management program enables paramedics to expand their postsecondary education beyond the profession-specific accreditation programs offered through community organizations and colleges. Ultimately, the program benefits the field of health care as it trains paramedics to broaden their leadership capabilities and ranges of expertise.

Offered as an extension of the School of Health Sciences’ Post Diploma BHSc program, the BHSc EMS Management empowers those with Advanced Care Paramedic Certification (ACP) and/or Critical Care Paramedic (CCP) certification(s) to further their professional skills and medical and health services education.

Catherine Gunn, Director of the School of Health Sciences, and Assistant Dean Faculty of Health, explains that the program meets a national demand for postsecondary professional development opportunities in the health care sector.

“There is a tremendous opportunity within the emergency system for paramedics to take on leadership roles and different responsibilities that may be gained through having an academic credential,” says Gunn.

Of the degree’s 120 credits, BHSc EMS Management students’ paramedic certifications make up the first half. The program’s diverse course offerings make up the remaining 60 credits. Required courses include Healthcare Ethics, Leadership in Healthcare, Health Law for Non-Lawyers, Critical Research Appraisal and Practices, and more. The medical and health care system-specific courses are tailored to complement the paramedic profession, however, there is no paramedic practice-based content in the program.

In addition to completing their BHSc EMS Management degree, students can opt to pursue a Diploma in Health Administration and/or further EMS certificates. Students living in the HRM may also complete their elective courses in person.

“We are extremely excited to introduce the Bachelor of Health Sciences in Emergency Medical Services Management as a partnership between the Schools of Health Sciences and Health Administration. The program has been developed in response to a clear need from the profession and through extensive consultation. This new opportunity for professional growth will enable paramedics to earn an academic degree to expand career and leadership opportunities,” says Gunn.

Program admissions

To be considered for admission to the BHSc EMS Management program, applicants must submit a letter of intent, proof of good standing with their regulatory body, a resume highlighting at least 2 years of professional full-time experience as an Advanced Care Paramedic and/or Critical Care Paramedic, and proof of having successfully completed both a nationally accredited paramedic program and a paramedic licensing/certification examination. Applicants must also meet Dal’s undergraduate admission requirements.

The BHS EMS Management program will open applications in Fall 2023. For further information, visit the program website.