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Chinese Scholarship Council - Visiting PhD

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Scholarship at a glance

Deadline: March of each year
Value: Airfare and living allowance, for up to 12 months
Scholarship type: Visiting Graduate Research Student
Degree level: Doctoral
Available to: International students


The Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) provides financial support to Chinese PhD students intending to engage in research abroad. CSC provides funding for Visiting PhD students each year, during which time the student's Dalhousie supervisor will also provide funding to cover incidental fees at Dalhousie.

All prospective CSC Visiting PhD students are required to apply as a Visiting Graduate Research Student (VGRS) and receive a letter of invitation from their prospective supervisor/department to be considered for the CSC funding program. Details on the application process for VGRS can be found on our website.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria and application instructions for the CSC Funding Program for Visiting PhD scholars can be found on the CSC website. The CSC Online Application is typically open in March of each year.

As part of the CSC funding application process, you must receive an invitation letter from a prospective supervisor at Dalhousie and express your intent to apply to CSC funding through Dalhousie’s Online Scholarship Platform before March 1st.

Application overview

  1. Identify and approach prospective supervisors within your intended program of study. Be sure to inform them that you plan to apply for Chinese Scholarship Council funding to support your time at Dalhousie.
  2. Work with your prospective Dalhousie supervisor and your current PhD supervisor to establish the start and end date as a visiting student and your project. The Dalhousie supervisor will use this information to prepare a draft invitation letter which must also be signed by the Department Chair at Dalhousie. Your PhD supervisor will also need to prepare a recommendation letter for use in your application to Dalhousie as a Visiting Graduate Research Student.
  3. Create an account in the Faculty of Graduate Studies Online Scholarship Platform and complete the short application form for CSC Visiting PhD Scholars (follow this path: FGS Bursaries and Grants, then Partner Scholarships and External Awards, then Chinese Scholarship Council - Visiting PhD Scholars). Your application and an electronic response from your prospective Dalhousie supervisor must be received by March 30th.
  4. Apply to the CSC funding program for Visiting Students, while also coordinating with your Dalhousie supervisor to apply as a Visiting Graduate Research Student at Dalhousie.