Student Experience

Peer Mentorship

The Peer Mentorship Program will help students make the connections to help them navigate their first year in Engineering. Students will have the opportunity to be matched with an experienced engineering student who has also been through the process. Peer Mentors will be available to answer non-academic questions, provide leadership and organizational skills to new students. 

Supplemental Instruction

Students having difficulties with some first year engineering classes have the opportunity to receive supplemental instruction outside of standard class hours. There may be supplemental instruction from 6:30 - 8:30 PM on Monday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays - speak to your academic advisor for more details. 

Refining Your Learning Skills 

Sometimes students need to be given the opportunity to work towards achieving academic success. Students who have been academically dismissed may register for Refining Your Learning Skills for Academically Dismissed Students, a program delivered by the College of Continuing Education. The course can only be taken once, and it is strongly recommended to contact your faculty of program advisor before registering.

Student Events

The Dalhousie Diploma of Engineering Society (DES) and the Dalhousie Undergraduate Student Union (DUES) host events throughout the year for all Dal Engineering students. DUES hosts the yearly Engineering Olympics as well as weekly meet-ups. There are also conferences, seminars and discipline-specific events held throughout the year.