Dean's Leadership List

The Dean’s Leadership List recognizes the outstanding co- and extra-curricular leadership of our undergraduate students at the Faculty of Engineering.

Students who are named to the Dean’s Leadership List have, in the eyes of their peers and faculty members, been recognized for their outstanding leadership contributions to the Dalhousie engineering community.

The Dean’s Leadership List is recognized on a term-by-term basis and honours achievements beyond the classroom. Recipients will receive a formal distinction from the Faculty that can be included on their CV.

Criteria for Eligibility

Nominees must be full-time students with good academic standing.

Nominees must demonstrate exceptional leadership in one or more of the following activities in the appropriate academic term:

  • Acting as representatives of Dalhousie on the regional, provincial, or national scale.
  • Showing leadership related to equity and diversity at the Faculty of Engineering and/or in the community.
  • Serving as an ambassador to Dalhousie’s Faculty of Engineering.
  • Encouraging fellow students to become involved in co-curricular and/or extra-curricular activities.
  • Dedicating time and effort to initiatives that have potential to improve student life or develop a community for all undergraduate engineering students.
  • Demonstrating authentic leadership in the eyes of their peers on one or more engineering societies, be it a faculty-level, or general interest society (including design teams).
  • Going above and beyond their role or position on a given society or design team to help others, or to take measures to ensure the success of the society or team as a whole, in addition to maintaining their own responsibilities,
  • Acting as exceptional team players with a positive attitude and sound communication skills.


Students, faculty and staff may nominate students eligible for the Dean’s Leadership List. Student may also self-nominate themselves.

Nominations should be submitted for each semester in which the nominee is eligible. Submission deadlines are:

Semester Submission Deadline
Fall Term January 15
Winter Term May 1
Summer Term September 15

Dean's Leadership List Nomination Form [PDF - 122 KB]

The form sections should be completed in order. Once the nominee and endorser have filled out their sections, the form should be sent to the appropriate Department Head. The Department Head will complete their section and submit the final form to:

Amanda Pottie, Executive Assistant to the Dean