Student Absence Reporting

Updated Policy for Missed Course Work or Assessment (April 1 - May 1, 2020)

Due to the ongoing COVID‑19 response, the Faculty of Engineering has suspended the "Student Absence Policy" and introduced an updated process for students who miss course work or miss an assessment (eg. test, quiz, exam).

If, as a student, you miss an assignment due date or an assessment date, you must submit a request for deferral of that assignment or assessment by completing the Missed Course Work or Assessment Form below. You must submit the Missed Course Work or Assessment Form within 7 days of the date of the missed work.

This is an honour based system. Student are expected to follow the Student Code of Conduct, claims will be taken at face-value and no additional documentation will be requested. We are relying on your decision-making abilities, integrity and discretion to determine when submitting a request is appropriate for you. All submissions will be reviewed by a staff or faculty member of the Undergraduate Studies Office and will be approved*. Upon approval, you will communicate with your course instructor who will then determine what your responsibilities are to make up for the missed course work or assessment.

* The Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Faculty of Engineering reserves the discretion to deny a student request if there are clear grounds to do so.

Please visit the COVID‑19 Information from Faculty of Engineering for latest updates.

Long-term Absence

For major or chronic illness and other long-term or recurring absences, students should seek professional care, refer to the University's Student Accommodation Policy, and register with an advisor at the Advising and Access Services Center.