Student Absence Reporting

This form is intended for short-term (1-3 consecutive days), unanticipated absences due to minor illness or distress (including caregiving duties) that occur during the regular term. All absences should be reported immediately, but any absence reported more than 7 days after the event will be rejected.

Up to two undocumented requests can be made per course per term. However, documentation is mandatory in all cases for the following submissions:

  • Any missed academic work greater than 10%
  • Final exams
  • Project reports
  • Presentations
  • Any assessments in the last 10 days of the term
  • Long-term absences

Online System

The online system must be used for both Student Declaration of Absence (short-term) and Request for Accomodation (Illness or Compassionate Grounds). You will be required to login using your Dalhousie NetID and password:

In cases needing documentation, you will receive an email from us immediately after submission. Please reply within one hour with your documentation attached.

The final decision on the submission is communicated to the student and the course instructor by email.

Long-term Absence

For major or chronic illness and other long-term or recurring absences, students should seek professional care, refer to the University's Student Accommodation Policy, and register with an advisor at the Advising and Access Services Center.