Short Term Student Missed Work or Absence Reporting

If, as a student, you are unable to complete an assignment or an assessment in any Undergraduate Faculty of Engineering course as a result of serious illness or unforeseen circumstance, you must submit a Missed Work or Absence request for that assignment or assessment by completing the Missed Work or Assessment (MWA) Form. You must submit the Missed Course Work or Absence Form within 3 days of the date of the missed work and provide reasons for missing the work.  Documentation or additional information may be requested from you.  Please read the Missed Work or Absence Policy prior to submitting an MWA request.

A maximum of two MWA requests can be submitted per course per semester, with a total semester maximum of six.

An MWA will be approved without review if:

  • The value of the missed assessment or deliverable is less than 20% of the course total
  • The maximum number of MWA submissions for the course or semester has not been exceeded.
  • No flags or concerns have been identified by the instructor or the Associates Dean’s office.

For any Missed Work or Absence with a value of 20% or greater:

  • Submission of supporting documentation covering the date of the missed work is mandatory.  Please refer to the Missed Work or Absence Policy for documentaiton requirements.
  • MWAs with value of 20% or greater will be reviewed by the Assistant Dean of Students or the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies.
  • Only one such request can be submitted per course per term
  • MWA requests for Final Examinations will only be considered in the most exceptional of circumstances.  Minor illnesses (such as headaches, stomach bug, workload) or elective arrangements are not grounds for missing an exam.

Travel will not be considered acceptable grounds for any Missed Work or Absence request.  

In instances where a student attempts an assessment (i.e., quiz, test, midterm exam, or final exam) while not feeling well or ill, an accommodation will not be provided. If the student experienced exceptional circumstances and notified the instructor during the assessment and received approval from the instructor to leave during the assessment, then the student must submit an “Application for a Waiver of an Academic Regulation” form to (see "Other Forms" below)

The Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies and/or the Assistant Dean of Students reserve the right to meet with any student who makes an MWA request prior or subsequent to making a decision on the request.

* The Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Faculty of Engineering reserves the discretion to deny any MWA request if there are grounds to do so.


Long-term Absence

For major or chronic illness and other long-term or recurring absences, students should seek professional care, refer to the University's Student Accommodation Policy, and register with an advisor at the Advising and Access Services Center.