Diploma of Engineering

A significant portion of the coursework you will complete in the first and second year of the Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) program is made of core classes that are common to all disciplines. 

The first year of study is the same for all students, and at the end of the second semester, students will pick their disciplines. In the second year, students will have the opportunity to take courses related to their chosen discipline before being fully immersed in the discipline by the third year. 

Upon successful completion of the all required courses in the first and second year of study - students will have the opportunity to apply for a Diploma of Engineering. To apply for a Diploma of Engineering students must meet the minimum requirements of a GPA of 2.00 as well as all required courses with a minimum grade of D.

Diploma Requirements:

For Students Entering their Year 3 Program in Fall 2023 or Fall 2024

Students in Year 1 should follow the Registration Instructions provided for engineering on the first year advising website.

Documents to assist Year 2 students with registration:

Fall 2022 Year 2 Registration Guide

Winter 2023 Year 2 Registration Guide 


Academic Support has a good resource that explains the registration process and will explain how to add individual classes and register using CRNs.

Note regarding the Engineering Writing Requirements: The Engineering Writing Requirement is fulfilled by completing one of the acceptable writing classes (see the Year 2 Fall registration guide) and HIST 1971 Engineering & Society (See Year 2 Winter registration guide).

The Winter 2022 Dalhousie Engineering Guide for Current Students is here.

Academic Advising for Year 2 students is available through the Undergraduate Studies Office.  Please contact Engineering@dal.ca to schedule an on-line or in-person appointment with our advisors.