Student life

As we ease back into in-person learning, our social lives will slowly start to return. Dalhousie's Faculty of Computer Science provides a strong sense of community that begins with fellow students, staff, and professors and extends to the learning environment, the Goldberg Computer Science Building – a dynamic space that fosters learning and collaboration!

Where to Meet

The atrium, coffee shop, and open-concept workspaces provide natural gathering areas for staff and students to meet. Support for learning begins with the learning centre where tutors are available throughout the week and is complemented by both private study carrels and collaborative study spaces. 

Student Societies

The Faculty of Computer Science has three student societies. Interested in joining one? You can get involved in one of our two undergraduate student societies, or our graduate student society

ShiftKey Labs

ShiftKey Labs focuses on providing support for post-secondary students to develop pathways to innovation. It offers engaging programs that bring together multidisciplinary teams to develop ideas and innovative technical solutions to important local and global problems.

ShiftKey Labs is part of the Nova Scotia Sandbox Project, a joint project hosted by Nova Scotia universities and community.

CSGS promotes activities that help advance the interest of graduate students and present a unified voice for its membership within FCS.

Representing all undergraduate students in FCS, CSS promotes all student interests at a university level and works towards promoting a welcoming environment.

Supporting and celebrating female students pursuing a degree within technology, WiTS strives to promote equality within STEM organizations inside and outside of the university.

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