Faculty Navigator

About our Faculty Navigator

Margie Publicover (Phone: 902-494-7069; Room 324) is our Faculty Navigator for students who are unsure where to go to seek advice or support. As things arise with respect to any facet of your student experience, we want to ensure that you have the best access to information on the wealth of resources we have to support you on campus.  We want to hear your feedback within the Faculty, or if more appropriate, at another level of the institution with respect to concerns so we can continue to improve Dalhousie’s services to our community.

Dalhousie University has many other resources available to students to help you navigate through your time here.  Many of these resources are provided by Dalhousie Student Services. These resources cover many areas and aim to provide support so that you can Lead Well, Learn Well and Live Well at Dalhousie.

Other Resources

The full document on Speaking Up [PDF].

The document on Six Suggestions for Speaking Up [PDF].

presentation on Speaking Up [PDF], delivered in June, 2015.

The Speak Up pledge [PDF].

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