Faculty Research Webinar Series

We are pleased to host a new research-based lunchtime series to showcase the exciting research work our Faculty is conducting.  

Our Faculty Research Webinar Series is held biweekly during the school term, from 12:30 p.m. to 1:25 p.m. Everyone is welcome to join us via Zoom to learn, connect, and discuss how architecture and planning can better contribute to creating innovative solutions to the many challenges our communities face and beyond.

2023/2024 Webinar Schedule
Sessions Presenters Date
1 Michael Faciejew &
Chad Walker
September 27, 2023
2 Rosa Milito &
Kate Thompson
October 11, 2023
3 Cristina Verissimo &
Eric Rapaport
October 25, 2023
4 Mikiko Terashima &
Emanuel Jannasch
November 8, 2023
5 Susan Fitzgerald &
Jeffrey Biggar
November 22, 2023
6 Lisa Berglund &
Roger Mullin
December 6, 2023
7 Austin Parsons &
Ren Thomas
January 10, 2024
8 Christine Macy
PEACH Research Lab
January 24, 2024
9 James Forren &
Ahsan Habib
February 7, 2024
10 Brian Lilley &
Jahedul Alam from
March 13, 2024
11 Graham Gagnon &
Talbot Sweetapple
March 27, 2024

Session One
Featuring speakers Michael Faciejew from our School of Architecture, and Chad Walker from out School of Planning. Michael discussed his work with the histories of architecture, information, and empire in the context of recolonization, and Chad shared his work with justice, equity, and social acceptance in low-carbon energy transitions.

Session Two
Featuring speakers Rosa Milito from our School of Architecture, and Kate Thompson from our School of Planning. Rosa discussed culturally significant places that exist at the intersection of architecture and planning, and Kate shared her research on the ideas, rhetoric, and tools of ecosystem services for urban planning.

Session Three
Featuring speakers Cristina Verissimo from our School of Architecture and Eric Rapaport from our School of Planning. Cristina discussed the new uses of cork in architecture, and Eric shared the results of a historical GIS that revealed changes to the social and urban fabric of Halifax over time.

Session Four
Featuring speakers Mikiko Terashima from our School of Planning and Emanuel Jannasch from our School of Architecture. Mikiko shared her research on advancing the concepts and measures needed for 15-minute neighbourhoods, and Emanuel discussed his work with timber/lumber/wood as a medium of rural-urban communication.