Dr. Graham Gagnon

Dean, Faculty of Architecture and Planning


Email: Dean.AP@dal.ca
Phone: (902) 494-3972
Mailing Address: Faculty of Architecture and Planning
Sexton House, Dalhousie University
5263 DaCosta Row
Halifax, NS, Canada B3H 4R2

About Dr. Gagnon

Dr. Graham Gagnon is the Dean of Architecture and Planning. He was appointed in July of 2021 following three years in the Dalhousie Office of Research Services as Associate Vice President.  Dr. Gagnon is a dedicated researcher who has called Dalhousie home for over 23 years. He is enthusiastic about supporting the Faculty of Architecture and Planning and advancing its mission.

Trained as an environmental engineer, Dr. Gagnon has taught water treatment, water quality and environmental engineering courses in the Department of Civil & Resources Engineering for much of his career. Dr. Gagnon is an active researcher and has led the Centre for Water Resources Studies as Director for more than 10 years. He is committed to the advancement of water science and engineering and has co-authored more than 200 journal articles and peer reviewed reports. Through his research career Dr. Gagnon has trained more than 150 graduate students and Post-Doctoral Fellows. Dr. Gagnon is passionate about the student experience at Dalhousie.

At Dalhousie, Dr. Gagnon has had the opportunity to work with many industry partners, start-up companies and not-for-profit organizations. In particular, between 2009-2020, Dr. Gagnon worked with Chiefs, Elders, water operators and community leaders to establish the Atlantic First Nation Water Authority (AFNWA). The AFNWA is now operational and the first of its kind in Canada – a water organization independently owned and operated by First Nations. The AFNWA continue their partnership in actively committing to the advancement of safe water in First Nation communities.

Dr. Gagnon lives in Halifax with his partner Ruth. They enjoy opportunities to kayak, cycle and explore the many beautiful landscapes of Nova Scotia.