Educational Leadership Award Recipients

2016 Recipients

Management 5000, Management Without Borders (Faculty of Management)
Jenny Baechler (Rowe School of Business)
Scott Comber (Rowe School of Business)
Jeff Friesen (School of Information Management)
Sandra Toze (School of Information Management)
Becky Field (Marine Affairs Program)
Karen Beazley (School for Resource and Environmental Studies)
Liz Wilson (Faculty of Management)

The Management Without Borders team is the first group to receive this award since the 2014 extension of the university-wide teaching awards. Management 5000 is a required class for all the Faculty of Management’s on-site graduate programs (the CRMBA, MLIS, MPA, MES, and MREM) and collaboratively taught by faculty members from each of the schools. The group was recognized in particular for the way in which the course is designed and run, which models what it teaches by mirroring the interdisciplinary and multi-professional collaborative team environment of the modern workplace. The teaching team was also cited for its demonstration of clear evidence of the course's impact on the education of its participants as well as benefit to the community.