Transit & Transportation

Resources and suggestions for getting around town

Consider how you will get from your home to your campus. Ensure that the distance and location reflect your ideal mode of transportation (walking, cycling, busing, driving personal vehicle)

Halifax Transit

Several transit routes pass through, or next to, our university campuses including Route 10-Dalhousie, Route 18-Universities, Route 41-Dartmouth/Dalhousie and Route 42-Lacewood/Dalhousie.

Campus bus stops are highlighted on the Dalhousie Campus Map. You can also go to the Halifax Transit websiite - Routes & Schedules for information.


Dalhousie’s Halifax Campuses are serviced by various bus routes with connections to destinations throughout the Halifax Regional Municipality. The Universal Bus Pass (UPass) is a special transit pass available to Dalhousie students. The cost of the pass is included in university fees.The UPass sticker is placed directly on your DalCard. Simply show your card to ride Halifax Transit buses and ferries, as well as Community Transit buses, from September to April. See the Dalhousie UPass website to learn more.

Ride Your Bike

Halifax is fortunate to have bicycle-friendly road conditions much of the year. Riding your bike is good for you, good for the environment and a great way to get to and from campus. There are over 1,040 bike spots and over 470 bike racks located throughout the Studley, Carleton, Sexton, and Agricultural Campuses. For more information on bike racks and end of trip facilities, consult the Dalhousie End of Trip Facility Guide [PDF - 1.8MB]. All new buildings will have bike facilities which will include showers and indoor/outdoor bike racks.

Parking on Campus

Parking on campus is limited. Parking Permits for each year (Sept.1 to Aug. 31) can be purchased at Security Services. These permits, which include annual, term, weekly or daily, are available at any time throughout the year. See Dalhousie Parking to learn more.

Campus parking is highlighted on the Dalhousie Campus Map.

Dal Mobile Safety App

DalSafe was developed by Dal Security Services. It provides a variety of programs, services and informational resources to address student safety. All students are encouraged to download the app to your mobile device and stay in touch for the most up-to-date information of what is taking place on campus and personal safety information.