Active Transport

Stay healthy and commute in a sustainable way

Active transportation refers to any form of human-powered transportation – walking, cycling, in-line skating, and a variety of other modes. Dalhousie University is committed to providing infrastructure such as bike racks and shower facilities for active commuters. Environmental and physical well-being are both important values, and are encouraged by supporting active transportation for students and staff.

There are numerous benefits from active transportation:

  • Health – provides an opportunity to be physically active on a regular basis;
  • Social – is accessible to Canadians and increases opportunities for social interaction;
  • Transportation – reduces road congestion;
  • Environmental – can contribute to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution;
  • Economic – saves money on gas and parking.


Dalhousie has worked with local hospital (IWK and Capital Health) and Saint Mary’s University to develop an Institutional Cycling Master Plan [PDF - 36.5MB]. Check out the Bikeways Action Plan Poster [PDF - 3.22 MB] which includes renderings of the Summer Street design.

Bike Fixit repair stands, which have all the necessary tools for quick repairs and maintenance, are being installed around the Halifax campuses and the Halifax Regional Municipality.