Rental & Utility Costs


Sample of Apartment Rents in Halifax

Source:  CMHC - Rental Market Report, January 2023 [PDF]

Rental Market Report Highlights

  • Vacancy Rate remained at 1%, dropping to 0.6% in areas that are popular with students.
  • The average rent for a two-bedroom unit is $ 1,449 UP by 9.3%
  • Largest increase in Mainland South zone & highest rent paid in the Peninsula South zone


One Bedroom

Two Bedrooms

3+ Bedrooms

Avg. Rent - $990/month

Avg. Rent - $1,156/month

Avg. Rent - $1,449/month

Avg. Rent - $1,690/monh

CMHC report based on Oct, 2022 data.

Based on current listing averages from zumper, the prices have risen even higher since the release of the CMHC report. 

According to, median rent prices in Halifax as of March 2023 are:


One Bedroom

Two Bedrooms

3+ Bedrooms

Avg. Rent - $1,640/month

Avg. Rent - $1,770/month

Avg. Rent - $2,300/month

Avg. Rent - $2,800/monh

These represent a 18-54% increase over March 2022.

Some factors to consider

  • Rents will vary depending on the apartment location, age, and condition.
  • It is generally more expensive to live in locations close to Dalhousie University Campuses than elsewhere in the Halifax Regional Municipality or Town of Truro. 
  • These are the average housing costs in the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), housing outside of the HRM (such as the village of Bible Hill) are usually lower but transportation costs must be considered.  

Creating a Budget

When creating a budget, consider the following:

  • Upfront you will have to pay a security deposit (equal to a half a month's rent), tenant's insurance and the first month's rent.
  • Continuously you will be paying:

Budgeting Resources:


Check with your landlord, if you’re not sure what utilities are included in your rent. If you do have to arrange for your own utilities or services, many providers offer special packages or information for students.


Telephone, Internet & Television

Average/approximate cost
Electricity/home heating
$100-$150/month (varies based on consumption and method of heat)
Basic Smart Phone (plan only)

High Speed Internet

Keep in mind that hooking up services, such as electricity, will involve a one-time connection fee. Costs are provided as estimates only.