Rental & Utility Costs


Sample of Apartment Rents in Halifax

Source: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC) - Rental Market Report, October 2018

Type of unit
Average rent
(per month)
Halifax Peninsula South
(surrounding Dal)
  1 Bedroom
  2 Bedroom
  3 Bedroom +
Halifax Peninsula North
  1 Bedroom
  2 Bedroom
  3 Bedroom +
Downtown Halifax Bachelor $978
  1 Bedroom $1,202
  2 Bedroom $1,774
  3 Bedroom + $2,099
Dartmouth (South)
  1 Bedroom
  2 Bedroom
  3 Bedroom +

Don't forget to include your damage deposit (half of a month's rent), when you're budgeting your monthly expenses. 

Utility Costs

You might have all, some or no utilities included in your rental agreement—it varies by apartment. Check with your landlord, if you're not sure what utilities are included. If you do have to arrange for your own utilities or services, many providers offer special packages or information for students.

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Nova Scotia Power recommends you call to set up an account 7-10 days before you need your power connected. See the NS Power webpage for students to learn more.

Telephone, Internet & Television

Several different service providers offer telephone, Internet or television service in the HRM. Both BellAliantEastlink and City Wide offer all three services individually or in bundles.

Sample of expenses

Below is a sample of some common living/lifestyle expenses to give you an idea about the cost of living in Halifax. Also keep in mind that hooking up services, such as electricity, will involve a one-time connection fee. Costs are provided as estimates only.

Average/approximate cost
Electricity/home heating
$100-$150/month (varies based on consumption and method of heat)
Basic Smart Phone

High Speed Internet

For more information on budgeting, sample costs and tips on saving money, visit the Budgeting Tips page on the Dalhousie Admissions Money Matters website.