Nearby Neighbourhoods

Looking for a place within walking distance of campus? See the streets around campus and get a sense of where Dal is in Halifax with a look at the Dalhousie Campus Map.

Halifax Regional Municipality is made up of many diverse, vibrant communities. Community cultures, living costs, and transportation are important factors when looking for housing.

TIP: Remember the weather - we get all kinds! Check out the information on the Transit & Transportation page for ways to get to campus from your new home. If you are a full-time student, a UPass for transit is included in your student fees!

Halifax Peninsula

South End

  • Popular for students, quick walking distance from campus
  • The South End is almost surrounded by water, has several parks, a large public library, a Farmers’ Market, the Halifax waterfront and boardwalk, and downtown Halifax.
  • Rent prices tend to be on the higher end of the scale

North End

  • Quickly developing neighbourhood
  • Trendy, artistic community with cafes and restaurants
  • Accessible public transit routes
  • Moderate price range depending on location
  • Quieter area

West End

  • Mainly residential with fewer restaurants and activities
  • Halifax Shopping Centre located here
  • Quinpool Road has unique shops and restaurants
  • Rent tends to be lower
  • Great if you prefer to live in a quiet area

Downtown Halifax

  • The centre of activity in Halifax
  • Walking distance to restaurants, shops, the waterfront, and Citadel Hill
  • Rental costs are very high and go quickly as it’s a desirable neighbourhood

Mainland Halifax

Clayton Park

  • Small, suburban residential area
  • Many restaurants and stores
  • Distance from downtown Halifax and Dalhousie: 15 min by car, 30 min by bike, 50 min by bus


  • Larger suburban residential area
  • Includes Hemlock Ravines Park, Farmers’ Market, and Bedford Basin waterfront
  • Easy access to downtown
  • Moderate to high rent prices, depending on proximity to waterfront and age of building


  • Larger residential area
  • Near Northwest Arm
  • Several walking trails, lakes, and parks
  • Cowie Hill area popular with students
  • Moderate rent prices
  • Commute is approximately 35 min by bus, 25 min by bike with flat terrain


  • Residential neighbourhood
  • Moderately prices rental options
  • Undergoing development
  • Great quiet area if you don’t mind commuting


  • A little further out but a popular choice for students
  • Lower rental prices
  • Quiet suburban atmosphere
  • A mix of rental options, as well as parks, stores, restaurants, and a Farmers’ Market.
  • Heavy rush hour traffic

Bedford / Sackville


  • Large area around the tip of the Bedford Basin
  • Several rental options
  • Rental prices increasing with new construction and renovation.
  • One of the most expensive communities to live in
  • Many amenities, including lakes, beaches, parks, trails, restaurants, and malls.

Hammonds Plains

  • Very residential area with few businesses that is quite sprawled out.
  • Commute by bus or bike is at least an hour, so a having a car is usually preferred.
  • Not many apartment options, mostly single-family dwellings that may have rental units.
  • Accessing grocery stores or recreation is slightly difficult without transportation.


  • Divided into three areas: Upper, Middle, and Lower Sackville
  • Far away from downtown core
  • Rental prices are low and there are several types of accommodations.
  • Plenty of amenities, including parks, lakes, restaurants, stores, movie theatre, and public library
  • Bus routes with express service to Downtown Halifax, making the commute just under an hour by bus



  • Mainly residential area with some businesses along the main streets
  • Quite far into Dartmouth making it more inaccessible than other options without a vehicle.
  • Bus routes make commute to campus approximately an hour.
  • Amenities include several lakes and natural areas, as well as a public library.
  • Apartment rentals more difficult to find


  • Situated along the waterfront
  • Includes a ferry to Downtown Halifax
  • Many rental options due to proximity to Nova Scotia Community College campus
  • Apartments go quickly due to demand
  • Rental prices low to moderate, mostly because they are not as updated as those in Halifax or Bedford
  • Several local families share their homes for a low rent as an additional option

Downtown Dartmouth

  • Many restaurants and cafes, a lake, and several parks within walking distance
  • Has undergone significant improvement in recent years
  • Ferry service to Downtown Halifax as well as bus routes
  • Includes a large public library and Farmers’ Market in the same building as the ferry terminal
  • Frequent venue for events and concerts, particularly in the summer