Communities Near Campus

Halifax Regional Municipality is made up of many diverse, vibrant communities.  When deciding where you want to live, think about your wants and needs. Community cultures, living costs, and transportation are important factors when looking for housing

Living in some of these communities may require you to consider alternative methods of transportation of getting to campus. Remember the weather - we get all kinds!  Check out the information on the Transit & Transportation page for ways to get to campus from your new home.  Connect with your Dalhousie community by downloading the Dal Mobile App today.

Check out some of the great options below!

Halifax Peninsula

South End

The South End is a popular residential choice for students because Dalhousie is in this area, making getting to campus quick and easy - either by bus or walking. The South End is almost surrounded by water, has several parks, a large public library, a Farmers’ Market, the Halifax waterfront and boardwalk, and downtown Halifax. Due to the popularity and convenience of this area, rent prices tend to be on the higher end (compared to other Halifax areas) but there are several types of rental options to accommodate a variety of financial limits. This area is great if you like walking around Downtown and prefer to be in a busy, populated area.

North End

The North End has been developing rapidly over the past decade, becoming a trendy, artistic community with several cafes and local restaurants often hosting open mic nights and art shows. The North End has accessible public transit routes, making getting around the city fairly easy, and there are a few smaller parks throughout this area to explore. There is a lot of culture, activities, and eateries in this neighbourhood, and apartments are moderately priced but range depending on a specific location. This area is great if you like trying new restaurants and cafes and enjoy living in a quieter area.

West End

The West End has less of a specific community feel, connecting the North and South End to the rest of Mainland Halifax. This area is mainly residential with fewer restaurants and activities compared to other areas, but the Halifax Shopping Centre is located centrally here, and Quinpool Road offers some unique restaurants and shops. There is a great park right on the water and rent tends to be a little lower. This area is great if you want to still be close to Downtown and Dalhousie but prefer to live in a very quiet area.

Downtown Halifax

Downtown Halifax is where most of the images of Halifax are from - Citadel Hill, the waterfront, tall and historic buildings, and numerous restaurants and pubs. Most of the rental costs in this area are on the very high side and go quickly due to it being a desired and exciting neighbourhood. This area is great if you like being in the middle of the hustle and bustle and want to be able to walk to restaurants, shops, the waterfront, and the hill. 

Mainland Halifax

Clayton Park

Clayton Park is a fairly small, suburban residential area of Halifax but the corner of Dunbrack Street and Lacewood Drive is home to many businesses and a few restaurants, there is even a small walking trail. Downtown Halifax and Dalhousie are less than 15 minutes away by car, 30 minutes by bike, and 50 minutes by bus. This area is great if you like living in a quiet neighbourhood but want quick access to restaurants and stores, and don’t mind commuting to campus.


Rockingham is a larger suburban area that has several aspects that make it an ideal place to live, especially for a student. This area has Hemlock Ravine Park, a Farmers’ Market, the Bedford Basin waterfront, and a few restaurants. There are a couple of main streets that run through this area that make getting around the HRM quite easy. The rental prices are moderate to high, depending on location, specifically how close to the waterfront, and how newly built or renovated the apartments are. 


Armdale is a larger residential area that is lined with the Northwest Arm, with several walking trails, lakes, and parks nearby making natural spaces easily accessible. The Cowie Hill area is popular among students with plenty of moderately priced rental options. The commute time varies, depending on where you live specifically, but there is a regular bus schedule making the commute to school about 35 minutes, however, it is only 25 minutes by bike and the route is fairly flat (although there is a nice downhill going into the city).


Fairview is a primarily residential area that has many moderately priced rental options. It is a simpler neighbourhood, undergoing some developments but not as many as other Halifax areas. This area is great if you like living in quiet areas and don’t mind commuting to campus but still want to be near central Halifax.


Spryfield is a little further out than the other Halifax mainland communities but is a popular choice for many students due to its generally lower rental prices and quiet suburban atmosphere. There is a mix of rental options and accommodations in this community, as well as several parks, stores, restaurants, and a Farmers Market. Rush hour traffic is heavy, which is a consideration for students who want to be able to get to campus quickly. 

Bedford / Sackville


Bedford is a large area that typically refers to the area around the tip of the Bedford Basin. There are several rental options and new apartments frequently either undergoing renovations or getting built, however, this increases rental prices and makes it one of the most expensive communities to live in. There are plenty of amenities in this area though, including lakes, beaches, parks, trails, restaurants, and malls. 

Hammonds Plains

Hammonds Plains is a very residential area with few businesses and it’s quite sprawled out, making accessing grocery stores or recreation slightly difficult. The commute to campus by bus or bike is at least an hour in the mornings which plays a considerable factor if you don’t plan on bringing a car or have a carpool system. There aren’t many apartment options in this area but maybe some opportunities to live with a local family who has a spare bedroom or basement apartment available in their home.


Sackville is divided into three areas; Upper, Middle, and Lower, with Lower Sackville being the closest area to the city although it is still quite far away from the Downtown core. Due to the distance from the peninsula, rental options are quite low compared to options closer, and there are several accommodation types and a range of apartment styles. There are plenty of amenities in this area including parks, lakes, restaurants, stores, a movie theatre, and a public library. There are bus routes that provide an express service from Lower Sackville to Downtown Halifax which cuts out a large portion of the rush hour traffic, making the commute just under an hour.



Woodlawn is a mainly residential area with some businesses and restaurants along the main streets that border the community. Woodlawn is quite far into Dartmouth, making it more inaccessible than other options, especially without a vehicle but several bus routes make the commute to campus approximately an hour. There are also several lakes and natural areas in this community, as well as a public library, but apartment rentals can be difficult to find as there are not as many as in other areas. 


Woodside is another Dartmouth community that is situated along the waterfront and is more spread out than the Downtown Dartmouth area however, there is a ferry that departs from this community as well. There are many rental options in this area because it is home to a Nova Scotia Community College campus, but this also means that apartments can go quickly due to the demand. Rental prices are low to moderate in this area but in large part, because they are not as updated or offer as many amenities as those in Halifax or Bedford. Several local families share their homes for a low rent as an option to consider.

Downtown Dartmouth

Downtown Dartmouth has undergone significant construction in recent years, making it a more appealing place to visit and live, with multiple restaurants and cafes, a lake, and several parks, and all easily walkable. On top of this, Downtown Dartmouth has great views of Downtown Halifax and has a ferry service (included in bus pass fees) that goes year-round from Alderney Landing to Downtown Halifax, making getting to campus fairly easy and fun. There are, however, busses that connect to this area as well for a more straightforward route. A public library is also housed in the same building that the ferry departs and returns to.